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Dont Haze Gays

May 18, 2012 1 comment


This year in government we have taken many current events and discussed them in debates and blogs. Gay rights and marriage has become a widely debated topic. I believe that my second reflection should be about this very important and opinioned topic. Recently people have been discussing gay rights and whether it is right or not. It is a completely opinionated question that I think could be resolved very easily.

Let gays get married. Nowhere in the constitution says that gay marriage is wrong. Recently President Obama gave his opinion on gay marriage in response to North Carolina banning it. He said “treat people the way you want to be treated,” saying that he is pro- gay marriage. Technically Obama cant make laws about gay marriage because people have voted on it. I believe the issue should go to the Supreme Court because the Supreme Court always does what is right rather than what is popular. Personally I believe that the court would vote for gay marriage because they did that for California.

Many people are now saying that homosexuality is a genetic condition that cannot be controlled. If that is the case then homosexual people should have the right to marry. America was founded on freedom, and it is unjust to disallow gays to get married. That is why it is essential for our country to reconsider gay marriages and legalize them. It is a right that has been taken away from them and it is unfair.

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Can Ads Win the Election?

April 27, 2012 3 comments


This year we have been learning about the presidential election and the process of electing our nations leaders. By using videos to either promote them or negatively campaign against other candidates affects the nomination greatly. I learned in this unit that negative campaigns can be just as affective as positive campaigns. The reason that candidates use campaigns is to change the viewpoints of the public. Negative campaigns show people the faults and wrong doings of other candidates whereas positive campaigns show the accomplishments and best attributes of the candidate. Campaigns are the fastest way to get ideas out to the voters.

In this section I learned that fast and simple campaign ads can be the most affective. One of the most affective and well known campaign ads is an ad from 1964 called “Peace Little Girl” that was one of LBJ’s adds. The ad was about a little girl counting to 10 out of order. Then a voice counts down from 10 and a bomb goes off. Then it says vote for Johnson or we could be bombed. The short and simple clip helped LBJ get elected into office. Another popular ad is the Obama “Yes We Can” ad. The idea of the ad is simple but the ad is effective. It shows people of all different races and ages saying, “Yes we can.” It is effective because it is appealing to everyone who watches it. I learned in government that the ad must be appealing and show emotion to get recognition.

I think that learning about campaign ads is essential for learning the process of presidential elections. By seeing these commercials and ads on candidates people can really get to know a candidate. Learning about political advertisements helps younger people who cannot vote be introduced to future leaders of the United States of America. Therefore it is a very good topic to learn about not only for the current voters of America but the younger ineligible citizens as well.

Many ads can be viewed at

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