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Gay Marriage, Gay Rights

May 16, 2012 2 comments

This year in our government class we have connected current event stories back to what we learn in our everyday class; weather that be by topical debates or blogging about our personal thoughts on an issue. By talking about these issues it helps put more of an idea in my mind of what is going on in the world outside of Dallas. Stories that have caught my attention lately would be any stories having to do with gay rights. There are many discussions and life changing decisions being made lately on this topic.

To start off our Constitution never straight out says gay marriage is wrong but on the other hand it also never says gay marriage is right. Either side has a fair chance on sharing why they believe citizens should have the right to gay marriage or why citizens shouldn’t have the right. Depending on the people you grow up around have a big influence also how a person interprets exactly what the constitution says. The decision on gay marriage is handled by each state. Recently President Obama stated that he was for gay marriage saying “treat others the way you want to be treated”. Obama can only persuade other people to be for gay marriage he has no other legal power to make gay marriage legal. Another recent event concerning gay marriage would be North Carolinas stamp on banning gay marriage. Reports stated that many college students and young professionals came out to vote for gays having the same rights as marriages between one man and one woman. Those that opposed stated they aren’t anit-gay they are pro-marriage and that you just don’t rewrite the nature of God’s design for marriage based on the demands of a group of adults.

Some gay rights activists insist that homosexuality is a genetic medical condition that individuals have no control over. Gay marriage is only becoming more popular in today’s generation, I believe if a person is happy and wants the same rights as a marriage with a man and a woman, why shouldn’t they have the same rights? I really don’t see how it affects other people. Yes occasionally people might see them out or live near them and feel uncomfortable when they do see them but is that one minute of feeling uncomfortable worth taking away someone else’s happiness?


Social Media Taking Over

May 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Social media has the ability to reach an incredibly large amount of people, especially those of who are young. Social Media reaches young people in a way we will want to read it and it will gain our attention in 140 characters. In addition to that it is short and down to the main point. If we are involved in these social media sites people’s issues will be more prone to get attention and more involvement in the future. I believe there will be a big shift in how public figures are perceived and how campaigns are conducted through social media in the future.

The good things about social media are people can engage in groups of people whoagree with the same things they agree with.  These snippets of information that otherwise would not ever be seen allows people to be engaged in many forms of topics. Truthfully at my age and in these days I would not pick up a newspaper or a magazine article or sit down and watch an interview on TV unless forced to for school work. Social media allows me to not have to do those things. As I said before twitter only allows there are 140 characters which peek our interest and influence us, instead of reading the newspaper or watching TV interview which are usually long and can be tedious. Of course there are also risks to social media people can say things that aren’t true, people only see those 140 characters and don’t actually dig into the issue further; therefore leading them to believe something that is not fully true as well as being influenced in the wrong way. My personal option is that the good out ways the bad in social media. Social media may be deceiving it’s not simply just a communication tool, but actually includes the American public in substantive decision making were they feel like they can make a difference and get informed.

One digital democracy experiment led by House Republicans called “You Cut”, a social media hub where participants can suggest and vote on which government spending programs should be cut from the federal budget. Millions of votes were cast across the country to encourage the House to cut spending. The website gives a list of spending cuts we believe should be sponsored by the YouCut program all you have to do is vote.

Our government class has been using twitter in order to share our options on certain topics as well as follow our choice of candidates that share are interest. We can see how candidates promote themselves as well as their campaign rallies. Using Social Media in class has really opened my mind more into politics. It’s a way to educate the public as well as entertain. These days Social media is such a big part and will only continue to rise. Our future depends on technology and social media. I wonder how long until we see a winning campaign strategy that is purely social?

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