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Choosing YOUR Leader

May 10, 2012 1 comment

This year in Government class has been very eye opening to my perception of current national politics. In our 3rd trimester we began to study presidency. I believe this unit has been the most hands on for our class.  With the election of 2012 approaching I have formed a better understanding of all the work that’s put behind it. Before this unit I didn’t know the roles left to the president and other branches of government. I have paid more attention to commercials and to the news to stay on point with current events. Having the ability to vote in the on coming election I have thought more into the roles of our government.

The roles of the president seem endless. As Chief of State he is responsible to properly represent our Nation and us. The society of America has the opportunity to elect these leaders. We as voters have a huge roll to play in our government. I learned to put everything into perspective considering all we have today in forms of media;  Because I have never been able to vote before I didn’t know all the little details to consider when choosing. At the moment I have no idea who I am going to vote for. I have been paying attention to campaign commercials and how persuasive they are in favor of their candidate. It can be difficult to only base you vote from the impact of commercials because each candidate is out to make their opponents look bad. I have found it to be a lengthy process to start from scratch to understand politics. One little vote chooses who will be your Commander-in-Chief, Chief Executive, Legislative Leader and more.

Because of this year in government I am more informed than I have ever been. I am excited to be apart of America’s political society and to continue to learn more. With many factors that come into play while researching which party to vote for. I am thankful to know a fraction of what really goes on during the election process.

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