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How Safe are Safety Nets?

April 24, 2013 Leave a comment

A fight has recently broken out between the political parties and the issues they are having with Medicare. President Obama has recently opened the floor to negotiate the benefits of Medicare and Social Security.

The controversy with this is the fact that democrats want one things while the republicans want another. The two parties can’t seem to agree on anything. This is also making an issue for Democrats in the 2016 presidential election. “In the midterm races already taking shape, Democrats who back Mr. Obama’s budget proposals to trim future benefits as part of a long-term deficit-reduction compromise could be attacked from the left and the right.”(New York Times).

It has gotten to the point where even liberals and other groups are trying to recruit people to challenge the points they are making. Most of the political warnings to democrats are coming from democrats themselves. Democrats are struggling right now because they do not have any leads for a representative of their party in the 2016 race. The people that they do have don’t have the motivation it takes to run an entire campaign.

Shortly after Obama announced the budget release Ms. Warren said “Our Social Security System is critical to protecting middle-class families, and we cannot allow it to be dismantled inch by inch.” Whoever does run in the 2016 election needs to put Social Security and Medicare at the top of the list for issues to discuss. They will have popularity in the race if they do this.

Medicare and Social Security are two important things that many senior citizens rely on to live a comfortable life. Both of these programs are safety nets. Obama is trying to negotiate the budget on these two programs but he doesn’t see how much some people rely on them. Safety nets help people in unfavorable economic conditions, taking this away will cause serious problems in these peoples lives. The Democrats have realized this and know they must do something in their campaign to change it. 


Time to Acknowledge the Electoral College

February 28, 2013 Leave a comment

The Electoral College was created by the founding fathers as a way to make voting more fair for the smaller states in the voting process during the presidential elections. The point of the electoral college was for the popular vote to not be the only deciding factor in an election.

The smaller states need a form of voting that benefits them so they are treated the same as the larger states. In The Washington Monthly Andrew Gelman wrote: “On average, the electoral college benefits voters in small states, in the sense that an individual voter in a randomly-selected small state is more likely to have a decisive vote, compared to an individual voter in a randomly-selected large state. With a national popular vote, of course, all votes are equally likely to be decisive.” I agree with Andrew Gelman on this, the electoral college was made for the benefit of the smaller states.

Credit to Wikipedia

The founding fathers wanted the states to have more of a say than the people, which is why they created the electoral college, so the popular vote was not the only thing taken into account. The founding fathers created the electoral college for two reasons said by Marc Schulman: “The first purpose was to create a buffer between population and the selection of a President. The second as part of the structure of the government that gave extra power to the smaller states.”( Although most presidents who win the popular vote win the electoral college it is not always this way. In 2000 the presidential race of George Bush against Al Gore is one exception. Al Gore won the popular vote with a total number of votes at 50,999,897, while Bush only had 50,456,002 votes. Bush however run the election because he has 271 electoral votes while Gore only had 266. In my opinion, it isn’t fair for the state to have more of a say than the people, if the people run the country shouldn’t their voices be the most important factor?

The Electoral college has some pros and cons to it. The Electoral College can be a good thing because victory can’t come only from urban areas. The candidate cant win where heavily populated areas favor the candidate, they must have a more widespread amount of fans. This also helps to maintain the separation of powers and to make sure the President does not try and overthrow the other branches of government while in office.

Credit the The Costarican Times

The electoral college does have some downsides to it. Many people think we have become too modern for it and we have outgrown the system the founding fathers created. Another issue is that the swing states get the majority of the attention. The swing states change election imafter election on whether they go left or right, they are normally the deciding factors for the entire presidential election. Electoral College can also give voters the feeling that their one vote will not make a difference and they are not as encouraged to go and vote.

I believe the electoral college is a fair and easy way to help the voting process, although some things are not in the best interest of the electoral college, overall it is a good idea. If it comes to the point where people no longer want the electoral college around it would take a lot to change this, a blog wrote: “In order to change the Electoral College a constitutional amendment would need to be passed (ratified by ¾ of the states) The smaller states who are at the advantage have little reason to agree upon a change.” The smaller states get their chance to speak out and have their voices heard, although it does make voters believe their vote wont matter it still helps all of the states to have an equal say regardless of their size.

Gay Marriage State Laws on the Road to Change

February 22, 2013 3 comments

gay texas flagState Laws are beginning to change in the state of Texas as legislators try to approve gay marriage state by state. With Texas being one of the states further right getting this to pass will not be an easy task.

The controversy of gay marriage has been going on for decades and has caused quite an uproar between the two political parties. The democrats are in favor of gay marriage while republicans have share the Christian values that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Gay marriage going against Christian values has been the leading factor to people being opposed to same sex marriage.

For the house and the senate to pass a law saying it is okay they would need more than two thirds of the vote being pro-same sex marriage. President Obama recently stated in his Inauguration speech: “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law.” As The Daily Caller says, Obama is not the only politician in favor of gay marriage, many other highly ranked politicians have spoken out on the issue. People who spoke out against Obama stated that he was not doing enough for homosexuals and needs to become more involved in the process of getting gay marriage legal around the country.

Advocates have recently taken the streets in Texas trying to “repeal the ban” on gay marriage. Texas is mostly a republican state making gay marriage a huge issue here. Convincing Texans to be for gay marriage will not be a simple task. “Whether it takes the form of a domestic partnership registry or civil unions or something else, we are going to start working here in the Legislature to build capacity in this body so that we will have success, whether it’s this session or a future session,” said Rep. Rafael Anchia, D-Dallas (Dallas Morning News). Texas is so against gay marriage they do not want any legal status to be available to gay people and their marriage

Legislators are now working in Texas to go against a part of the Texas Constitution that states that: “union of one man and one women” should be the only marriage status allowed. With all the controversy in Texas this process will not be an easy one. If two thirds support the constitutional amendment then it will be passed and same sex marriage will be allowed in the state of Texas.

When dealing with getting gay marriage approved all across the United States, legislators will have to take this problem state by state. One of the biggest issues with this is whether or not it can be categorized as constitutional or unconstitutional. Many Republicans will fight against the crowd and say it is no constitutional for the same sex to be married and that is violates many Christian values and beliefs. Democrats believe that this is constitutional and anyone that is in love should be able to get married and do as they wish.

Until these issues are solved and democrats and republicans can began working together, gay marriage will have to be taken state by state. Times are becoming more modern and people are becoming okay to the idea of same sex marriage. Younger people have recently shown that they are fine with same sex marriage, while older people tend to be against it. As we modernize and the generations change, so will some of the narrow-minded ideas obtained by many Americans.

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