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Same Sex Marriage

May 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Recently there has been lots of talk about President Obama’s opinion on same sex marriage. The reason for that is because it is election year, and the candidates start to take sides on many important issues and voters are eager to choose their new President. Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have taken their sides on same sex marriage, while Obama recently says he is for same sex marriage, Mitt Romney says that, “Marriage is the relationship between one man and one woman.” Also with the decision in North Carolina with the vote of the people to ban same sex marriage in their state, this issue will be a popular one in the next few weeks.

With the elections coming up and with many citizens making decisions for the election, the candidates will do anything to get into the White House. This year in government we have learned about a few of the main aspects in becoming a president. We looked over the past campaign commercials that the other presidential candidates have used, their biographies, and their policies on the main issues of the country. We did a project where one of the group members runs as a President in 2016 and we made a commercial, biography, website, and we took our sides on the concerning issues. In our policies on social issues we discussed gay marriage, and we thought it should be allowed throughout the country. I have learned that candidates change their own view on issues to just get more votes to get the power of presidency. I am surprised that Obama is just now coming out with his opinion, I had thought that he already has taken a side because he had already run for election, and it is not as if gay marriage is a new topic. With the President taking a side on this issue so late, it gets me to think that he may have done this to get more votes. But in trying to do this Obama seems to get more negative responses. I also learned that candidates not only change their views they also try to attack the weakness of the other candidates to give them an edge on the other. After Obama gave his stand on this issue, Mitt Romney then told the graduating student of Liberty University in Virginia that he opposed same sex marriage. He also said that people who got married are less likely to be in poverty. With the popularity of this issue the Obama campaign has already released a commercial that attacks Mitt Romney views on same sex marriage, and they argue that he will be pushing America backwards.

I think that Gay Marriage should be legal, because people in America have “freedom” and “equality” according to the Constitution, so why could the government be allowed to stop someone from doing something that other people are allowed to do. If two people say they want to be with each other I don’t think the government should not allow the same rights as heterosexual couples.


Congressional Representation

April 22, 2012 3 comments

The Congress is composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate. In this section we studied how the Congress functions as a whole. Understanding how the Congress functions is very difficult because the public never sees or hears what exactly going on inside the Congress, says Woodrow Wilson. But in our class we have tried to understand how the Congress function as a whole and how the powers are split equally. We learned that the Congress functions through subcommittees, and each subcommittee is put together through specialization and seniority. Each subcommittee is split by specialization for example a legislator who has had experience in the military or any other armed forces would be in the subcommittee that deals with those types of issues or laws. The people who have been serving in the Congress for the longest will usually be the committee heads, which would be seniority.

One large issue that comes up with the legislators in Congress is the way the members of Congress represent their people. We learned through our textbook about the Delegate Model, the Trustee Model, the Politico Model, and the Conscience Model. The Delegate Model is when the legislator tries to do his best to represent the people but then he makes his own decisions. The Trustee Model is when the legislator considers the view of the people but then they do what they think is right for the country. The Politico Model is when the legislator does what he wants until the constituents become vocal on a certain matter. The Conscience Model is when the legislators follow the opinions of the people unless he truly believes it better to act against them for the betterment of the nation. After learning about these 4 ways of representation, I thought the best way of representation is the Conscience Model. I think this is the best model because the legislators always follow the voice of the constituents. They should feel obligated to because those are the people that voted them into that office. The legislators are supposed to be the voice of a group of people.

A conflict that still comes up now is that, how are the legislators supposed to hear the opinion of the people? With the launch of the Internet and social networking, hearing the public opinion should not be difficult at all. Almost everyone is using a social networking site or even an email account. Hearing people’s opinion as a whole can be easily noticed because there is always a cause or an issue that many people support avidly as a trend.  Hearing news about legislator’s personal life is now very easy through the social network because as soon as one person sees it and shares it with all their friends, and their friends’ share with their other friends, and information can spread within a day throughout the entire country just through social media and networking. For example Congressmen Weiner recently resigned because of a picture that was put up on twitter.

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