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Negative money in Politics

May 17, 2012 Leave a comment

The subject that I found most interesting this trimester in Government was how money affects the polls in America. Is it detrimental to the process or does it help the candidates overall? This is a good question because many people argue that it’s very difficult for the candidate that isn’t getting a lot of money flowing in to his campaign to win and share his ideas.

I’m going to first talk about how I think this is hurtful to the polls. First of all the negative effects of certain candidates getting a ton of money is that it doesn’t give the other running candidates ample opportunity to express their views to the public due to the fact that they just simply do not get much air time, interviews, etc. Companies are able to openly support a certain candidate of their choice meaning that huge fortune 500 companies could give huge sums of money helping their campaign trail advertisements because they cannot directly give them money for their campaign; which helps them hugely because with all that money they can easily get their name on more commercials, magazines, in the public eye more than their opponents .The Government stepped in and said that this was indeed constitutional due to freedom of speech; so the Government decided that companies could openly announce what candidate that they supported and give them large donations. They said “The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the government may not keep corporations from spending money to support or denounce individual candidates in elections.” (  this is awesome for candidates getting these huge sums of money, but for those not getting so much money flow it can hurt. If a candidate gets the backing of these huge companies it can sweep elections. The Government justices said they were concerned with these companies spending huge sums of money; their main argument was that companies are not necessarily people so they should not have the same freedom of speech as everyone else. Companies can indeed sway the public’s views and votes in my opinion.

They can use all that money for commercials and use propaganda on other candidates, which ultimately makes the public, think twice about the person that they are voting for.  Eugene Volokh is a professor of law and he was quoted saying “These corporations overtly editorialize for and against candidates, and also influence elections by choosing what to cover and how to cover it.” Meaning that yes these corporations can negatively effect the polls by giving certain candidates a lot of exposure of sabotaging the ones that they don’t agree with. (  “the court decision means that voters will have more messages from more sources — including wealthy unions and wealthy corporations -– to supplement the messages they already get from wealthy media corporations, wealthy political parties, wealthy advocacy groups, and wealthy individuals, as well as from not-so-wealthy neighbors, bloggers, and others.”

So, overall all of this money from huge corporations is bad for the polls because it doesn’t give other people to positively speak their ideas in the mainstream where the public can have easy access to it. In my opinion only individuals should be able to give money to the candidate of their choice.

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Cracking down on Illegal Immigration

April 25, 2012 4 comments

For my Government Reflection I’m going to write about my policy brief and tie that back to a current event going on today that is dealing with illegal immigration and how it is vitally important for our citizens to vote on changes that need to be made in our Government to cut the high percentage of illegal immigrants in America.  We in America have a huge problem with our immigration issue and Government lets it fall bye the way side and don’t step up and do what is necessary to make a stop to this. I find it very difficult to understand how we have so many illegal immigrants coming into the states getting a lot of perks including health care, jobs, etc. and the U.S. Government refusing to stand up and do anything about it; if a American citizen was to go into a foreign country he/ she would be killed or held up in jail. I’m not saying that America has to go that extreme but at least use some different laws and methods to help solve this problem. Especially in the South they need help in states like Texas for example were the immigration rate is 31.5% which is ridiculous. The government should start a non-profit organization were people can freely donate to have a larger electric fence built on the borders to keep them out. Another example of a program the Government should put into place would be a program called E-Verify which checks the credibility of their social security numbers before letting them get a job. The Government needs to require this of companies because some of them can higher workers for cheaper if they are illegal and that is wrong. Or we could use a legitimate visa system; most illegal immigrants that are here aren’t from crossing borders they are here on a visit or work visa and just don’t leave when that expires. Which is pretty easy to do considering that the United States to date does not have a program in place determining whether people on visas did in fact leave on time. All of these things would drastically decrease the percentage of illegal immigrants but the Government refuses to do it.So,  to tie this to a current even that is going on with our society right now would be the issue of the border. According to Douglas S Massey(Princeton Professor). The government has recently stepped up in our border control. The story goes on to say that migration from Mexico that isn’t documented has dropped to zero for the first time in 50 years. Which means they are taking control of things with our border in a positive direction. That’s only one border though and that’s the Southern border. The main reason this is probably happening is because economic hardships and recession in the U.S. right now. But also because majorly increased border protection by a factor of 5 and its budget by a factor of 13. Yes this has in fact helped the fact that we have zero percent of illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico it doesn’t change the fact that we still have not many leaving or returning back to Mexico. It states in the article “ The probability that an undocumented migrant returned to Mexico within 12 months of entering reached a record low value of around 8%.” Meaning that they are getting permission to enter the states via visa or just using passports for traveling and not returning in the right amount of time. And there is a problem of when they come here illegally they are then trying to legalize themselves with family members that are already in the states. Around 3 million of immigrants coming in though are minors and cannot be punished for the decisions of their parents.

The Government has stepped up significantly in border protection causing a drastic decrease in illegal immigration but as to date they have no way to determine if people are leaving on time and that’s one thing that they need to work on.

Jeff D.

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