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Ammunition… Ammunition… and More Ammunition

May 21, 2013 Leave a comment

The primary driver of the firearm ammunition shortage is driven by the reports of excess government buying of ammunition, fears of the repeal of the second amendment of the constitution, and the recent state laws limiting gun ownership.Image The resent state repeals of the gun laws are in “Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, Illinois, New York, and D.C, and Montgomery County, MD” (Amselle). Thus creating a fear but also the desire to individually stockpile ammunition. The result of this fear has lead to severe shortages of ammunition not just locally, but also nationally. The response to this fear is by the gun stores or ammunition dealers. They have to decide to either raise the prices to the point of price gouging, or limit the number of boxes each costumer can by each day. Economically price gouging is the most efficient example of the supply and demand relationship because the price will rise to a point that the individuals stock piling the ammunition will stop buying them because they are too expensive. Then in results, only those who need the ammunition will pay that high price for it. When it gets to that point, the inventory will begin to increase at the dealers so that the owner will begin to reduce that price to turn its inventory back around. Thus, you have a true market supply and demand equation. In rationing, or limiting the number of boxes a customer can buy, they do not have a supply and/or demand relationship; they have a purchase limitation relationship. Economically speaking the price gouging is the most efficient way to implement the supply and demand policy.

An example for this would be the 22LRS being sold online at Cabelas. Yesterday was no inventory, however, today they received Winchesters 22LRS and sold them for $6.99 a sleeve of 100. They limited each customer one sleeve per day. In the end, they sold out in about 2 hours. Had they raise their price to $100.00 of a sleeve of 100 and not had a limit of one per day, then many of the people who bought them for $6.99 would not have bought them for $100.00 a sleeve. Their customers would have refused to pay them. Their inventory would have remand and not sold out in two hours, Cabelas would have reduced their price, which would result in removing the inventory off of their shelfs.

The second article talks about how Texas is pushing for a bill that will establish a tax holiday for guns, ammunition and hunting related supplies on March 2; Texas Independence Day. Most believe this will never pass, but the theory behind it, is to supply additional support for hunters and outdoorsmen while also celebrating it on the day marking Texas’ Independence. Those that do not believe this will ever pass are more focused on the lost revenue on the state then they are celebrating the true Texas independence. Other states such as South Carolina have passed legislation similar to this and discontinued the program due to the significant lost of state revenue.


Texas, on the other hand, is currently beneficiating from a $9 billion surplus, but next years budget is showing a $27 billion deficit. With the significant state budget deficit, it will be extremely difficult to pass other sales tax holiday that could take hundreds of thousands of dollars off the sate revenue. In reality, this legislation is probably more publicity then seriousness. The other sales tax holiday within the state of Texas is for school supplies. That was passed to benefit the lower income families to make it more affordable for them to buy school supplies for their children. In this legislation is simple to benefit gun owners and outdoorsmen. In times like these, the owners and produces have to look at the supply and demand to figure out their next move to keep the supply and demand at equilibrium.


Knowledge for the future

February 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Over these past two trimesters in my government class, I really got to learn in detail how our government made from the ground up. I have been filled with new information, had class discussions, and participated in debates amongst my other classmates. What I want to reflect on is how every piece of information that I have learned in class, leads me to become a stronger citizen for our country.

Two years ago in American History, we began with information on how our government got its foundation. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights guarantee that all American citizens have natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These three guarantees are the core of our government.

I’ve learned how to be a responsible citizen because of the individualism that we have been granted certain rights, duties, and responsibilities. At the beginning of the year we took the citizenship test given to immigrants who want to become a legal US citizen. I learned about the process of becoming a US citizen-one of the biggest responsibilities and a right to a US citizen has, is the right to vote.

I have learned that with the right to vote, we take on a huge responsibility. We are responsible to make the right choice for the future of our country. With that, we have learned that elections have consequences. As I watched the Presidential and Vice presidential debates, I got to analyze the candidate’s comments and discus the tone of the electorate, which was very similar to our classmate’s beliefs in opinions. Some of us believed that the world would end if Barak Obama won reelection, while others thought he was the answer to all of our problems. So far the world has not ended and everyone’s problems are still the same or worse. Just like the US economy. Nothing has changed since the election except more of the same, which is why voters must inform themselves about the candidates. That leads me to the actions and responsibilities of Congress.

Congress is made up of two chambers: the US Senate and the US House of Representatives. I have learned how Congressmen are elected and how long they may serve. The US Senate is made up of 100 members; the US House of Representatives is made up of 435 members. Senators may serve up to 6 years and House members 2 years. Each chamber has a speaker and a different committees, much like our student government at Parish. As a representative of my grade in student government, I get to put in ideas and work on projects to better our community, just like what congress does today. We learned that bills originate in the US house and an identical bill must be approved in the Senate. Eventually after debates and rewrites it either ends up on the Presidents desk or dies in committee. We also have seen how the members in each chamber do not get along and how they put their own constituents ahead of the country as a whole and gridlock develops. The president’s job is to be a leader and bring the two groups together, however, this semester in the US government, we have seen plenty of examples of how no ones is working together. They all look like kindergarteners not wanting to work together and fighting over crayons.

I could go on for hours about what all I have learned over these past two trimesters. The main thing I have learned is what little I knew previous about our country. Being in government class, I get a better understanding of how government is supposed to work. I feel like when I am 18 and legal to vote, I will be able to use my knowledge and understanding of Presidential races, and what to look for in debates to place my vote on what I think is best for our country in the future.

Is the Second Amendment right under fire?

February 22, 2013 2 comments

Gun Control is one of the most debated issues that we all have to deal with in our everyday lives.  Lately, there have been many controversial attempts to band automatic weapons because of events that have occurred recently like Sandy Hook and Chris Kyle. Gun control is a major issue today because of the controversy between the two very passionate sides of debate. One side of the group believes that people kill people, while the other side of the group believes that guns kill people. Personally, I believe people kill people. I know that the events that have occurred recently are catastrophic, but in the end it is not the gun that pulls its own trigger… it’s the person behind that in the end pulls the trigger.

Recently President Obama has been reaching for security on handling automatic weapons. President Obama has outlined four major legislative proposals aimed to limiting the gun violence that has escalated quickly in our country today. They are; universal background checks for all gun buyers, a crackdown on gun trafficking, a ban on military-style assault weapons, and a ban on ammunition magazines holding more than 10 bullets. President Obama wants to strengthen the background checks, research on gun violence, and also proved training in “active shooter situations”.  These four steps with the help of stepping up security in this subject are what President Obama is looking to do with his gun-proposal for the better of our country in the future.

The process in buying a handgun is difficult enough as it already. One must show photographs, a birth certificate, proof of citizenship, proof of residency, any arrest information, a letter of necessity, and lastly a social security card. The security in buying a handgun or any automatic weapon is not the problem we have. The problem that we have is the people who do not use guns correctly. That is why in Texas, you have to take the gun safety course, so the one handling the gun knows what happens when it fires, the cause and effect of firing, and in all around general teaching of handling a handgun or automatic weapon. To get a handgun license is not easy. You take classes all day and also take a test at the end. It is not an easy thing to pass. Personally, stepping up the background checks is not necessary because the background checks in general are already top of the class.

I disagree with President Obama’s gun-proposal because it is not the gun that pulls its own trigger; it is the person behind that in the end pulls the trigger. As a native Texans and a hunter with my grandpa, I know what to do with handling a gun, and also what not to do with a gun. The problem we have in our country today is not the gun itself; it is the one that is in procession of the gun. What I believe we should do is teach others the importance of handling automatic weapons and handguns. I know the Sandy Hook Shooting is a major tragedy along with the murder of Chris Kyle, but in the end, it is not the weapon that causes the damage. I think banning ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 bullets is not necessary. There is just no point behind his want to ban ammunition. If he is trying to prevent murder, it will not happen because someone can easily buy more than one magazine at a time.

As the gun control debate goes on, we all need to realize that in the end, no side of the debate will get what they want. Everyone has different opinions and that is normal for a topic like this. I think it is important that we continue on forward and find ways to prevent more shootings and tragedies to occur, but it is also important that we understand that its not the objects fault, that it is the one behind the object that make the decision.

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