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Same Sex Marriage and The Future

May 14, 2012 1 comment

During the last two trimesters of our Government class we have been debating and writing blogs about current political issues. One of the most current topics that is being discussed, is the issue on same sex marriage. It has always slightly been brought up, but after reading the trending articles I feel as if I have a more knowledgeble view on this topic. The main current event websites including CNN, Fox News, and many others have articles on the recent releasing of Obama’s view.


There has been many reports on President Obama’s recent announcement for in support of same sex marriage. From CNN, “I want everyone treated fairly in this country. We have never gone wrong when we’ve extended rights and responsibilities to everybody,” He said, “That doesn’t weaken families, that strengthens families.”, is showing that in his upcoming election he will be for allowing gay marriage. To repeal the Defense of Marriage Act can either enhancing his chance or completely hurt his votes for the upcoming election. It can create young voters around the nation that are for gay marriage to vote for Obama, but as well it will alway religious democrats to maybe switch their vote due to their religious views. On the Conservative side, Romney also released later that “a marriage is defined as being between a man and woman”, keeping his side as a republican to keep the Defense of Marriage Act.

A current event that was primarily focused on last week was that North Carolina approved the amendment to ban same sex marriage. Once it was passed North Carolina became the thirtieth state to ban it. After “Obama has said his view is “evolving.” After the North Carolina vote“, this was the lead that made the expectance for Obama’s view to be so large. Also, there is only six states that fully allow gay marriage (in the NorthEast). By this it shows how this might not have been the best decision for Obama to show his full support for the support.

In my opinion, I think that if there happens to be two people of the same sex that want to be married then they should be allowed too. However, this subject is very touchy-feely for the many citizens and will create very debatable arguments among political leaders. For Obama to show his support for same sex and Romney to express his support on the Defense of Marriage Act, will create a very interesting and important upcoming election.


The Influential Campaign Ad

April 30, 2012 4 comments

In the past trimester of government we have gone through many interesting and controversial topics, and one of my favorite was the Campaign Advertisements. These advertisements had a lot to do with many factors, some are to be appealing and have the persuasion power over the potential voter watching. These ads can also be in various different types like videos, posters, and television. Within these types of advertisement they are put on display, throughout the online media and many paper ads. The social media is one of the most influential ways to persuade and enhance a candidate, and the campaign committees try to use this to help their potential presidency.


This famous slogan ad by our current President Barack Obama, “Change”, is a very famous piece of campaign artwork. This advertisement has a lot of key things that made it so special the colors, slogan, and abstract view. These are all key factors that effect and enhance the ad as a whole. It was used in various different Social Media websites and was created by the followers of Obama. This Advertisement shows how powerful these can be to help the candidates, and to have persuaded the voters in their way.

The ways that we discussed in class to make a campaign videos influential have to do with various ways to place the viewer.  In various video advertisements the music used in the background usually relates to the message and wraps the video to succeed as a whole. The messages that the campaigners are trying to put out are there central ideas, or they use these to show how they are better than the opponents their running against.

The recent elections have created more accessibility for their Advertisements, and within these recent ads the topics that are main issues is usually what they will be about. In the website,, “John McCain’s ads were mainly about Barack Obama. Following the pattern of the 2004 election, the Republican campaign used its ads to define the Democratic candidate. In addition to attempting to portray Obama as a liberal Democrat who favors tax increases, the ads also tried to suggest that he is a celebrity who isn’t ready to lead.” This quote shows how in the previous elections how they can spend all of their money to knock off the competition, as well as making themselves sound better. THe candidates will sometimes create a video that is only a “rip” on the opposing candidate of their race.  These advertisements are all used to enhance their chances and to persuade the voters in their direction.

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