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The Budget Bombshell

May 16, 2012 Leave a comment

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On Wednesday the Democratic controlled Senate blocked a budget plan proposed by House Republicans. The loss in the proposal came after Democrats were constantly bashing Republicans for not implementing tax raises as a part of cutting the deficit. The Republicans fired back by stating that the budget deficit is projected to reach over 1 trillion dollars for the fourth consecutive year.

The American Congress has become a mockery of what it was intended to become by our Founding Fathers. Currently Congressmen only care about their reelections, and are forgetting what actually must get done. Without a decisive budget plan, Congress cannot be told to stop spending reckless amounts of money because they agreed on a set amount. Instead, Congress constantly blocks each other’s plans just as a way to aggravate their opponent parties. What Americans need to charge their Representatives to accomplish is crossing party lines to accomplish the necessities by logical compromise. Without this Bi-Partisanship, America will continue to spin out of control until we are destroyed from the inside out. For example, Democrats complain that the middle class is being harmed by a certain bills budget cuts, and instead they want to raise taxes on the rich. This causes Republicans to automatically reject the counter argument, and everyone goes back to the drawing board.

The most aggrivating part about our government is that they act like they actually want to break down barriers and fix the problems at hand. Congressmen only wish to be reelected and to give their parties more good press. Although it may seem that all is lost a and Congress only wants to lie to us to make themselves seem better, we must not forget the true task that is at hand for these men and women. They must apease the entire countries wants and needs, approxamatley 300 million peoples different complaints. This is why only the people can help themselves in this situation, we must fight for our issues instead of letting them be argued by many third party sources.

America is meant to be the perfect example of a democratic country. Americans need to speak up to their representatives and fix the problems in our country. My overall point in this blog post is America must fix its current spiral into obliteration. We the masses must fix this problem by making a loud enough argument through social media that the people in charge must listen and make a change.China's bipartisan touch

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Congressional Government

April 27, 2012 5 comments

            Recently my class read Woodrow Wilsons “Congressional Government” in class. I was astounded how Wilson confesses that everyday people have no clue about the actual inner workings of the government. These facts are still relevant today with the recent creation of a “super committee” that the government created in an attempt to set a balanced budget before congress. Even more astounding, my teacher probed if we could name three committees and their chairs, and nobody could even name one.

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            Why today with so many sources for news and C-SPAN showing almost all of the inner workings of congress, how do so few know how bills truly are formulated. It seems as if Congress wants a veil of secrecy surrounding their true workings, it’s almost like a conspiracy theory of some sort. It must be demoralizing for some of the new congressmen and congresswomen to make it all the way to Capitol Hill only to be told that if they want a bill to be passed they have to shake the right hands, make the right friends, and join the right committees. In my opinion, America is supposed to be the true democracy of the world, yet this form of Government seems like whoever can spend the right amount of time and money in the right places can do whatever they want in their careers. This is not what America was founded to be, instead of CNN showing the newest flood in Taiwan or the terrorist attack in Afghanistan why don’t they show the true destruction of democracy in America?

            Woodrow Wilson was one of the greatest visionary presidents the United States has ever had. He created the first model for a United Nations committee directly after WWI and was told that his idea was bogus and un-American. Wilson realized that the average American had almost no common knowledge of how business was (and still is) conducted in Washington. If Americans today have all of these outlets of social media such as twitter, Facebook, or Google +, there is no reason for politicians to not be trying to teach the masses how our government actually functions. Today we need a president just like Woodrow Wilson; we need someone who is not afraid to say that although America is a great nation, we are fundamentally corrupt as a whole. Until this happens, America will continue to spin downward until we eventually self-destruct as a country.

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     In all fairness, I cannot tear down a current system of government only to be replaced by a worse system, or by no system at all. The process of bills reaching the floor of the House should involve the people deciding the most important issues of the year at the yearly elections. Once these issues are decided we can spend a proportional amount of time with each issue on the floor to the percentage of the votes that it received by the American public. All in all, the current congressional system that America has and is using is not only obsolete, but completely un-democratic. Instead of our government listening to the people’s ideas and offering compromised solutions, they create committees to decide what will get them either the most money or the most fame.

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