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The filibuster is a strategy to delay the passing of a bill by one party for talking as long as possible to try to prevent the passing of the bill in question. The reason I chose filibuster to talk about is because I didn’t know such thing existed in politics. Essentially, to relate it to sports, it is an intentional foul in basketball, a kneel in football, or a cross ice dump in hockey. I really don’t know why this is so appealing to me, I always enjoy last second toss ups in sports, I guess that is why I find it so appealing in government. I live for back against the wall moments and last second shots, I respect and appreciate it in any form whether it be in sports or politics or in any other way. The reason that this is so different to me is that I feel that there are a lot of deadlines to be met in government and I have never heard of delaying them. For example, the fiscal cliff deadline is tomorrow and no amount of negotiation will delay or buy the President and his cabinet more time. They could simply come out with another garbage bill that will just buy them another two months to come up with something better. Another thing that I found was very striking was that one man many years ago got up on a podium and spoke for a straight 24 hours to try to prevent a bill from getting past. These are the things I find so appealing in sports or any other competitive activity, is the willingness to win or not to lose badly. I find this “cool” because I feel that government is overly tense sometimes, for good reasons, but it is still very serious and I feel that filibuster is a change and can be a joke for some people to accept defeat but frustrate their opponents while doing so. This opportunity or law of last stand is not very important and rarely effective, but for the reasons I’ve listed, it is the thing that sticks out the most in our course.


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Gun Control: Is There A Solution?

February 21, 2013 1 comment

Gun Control: Is There A Solution?

            This has been the most talked about worldwide issues for the past few months; it is a huge problem that leads to unbelievable amounts of devastation emotionally and sometimes physically. The reason it is so important is because these automatic assault rifles and other weapons of mass destruction, are so easy to come in possession of. And as we’ve seen, the results of these shootings are catastrophic.

My first thoughts on gun control is that I am for it, but when I take a step back and think about it, this is a very tough topic to tackle.  There are people who love assault rifles and who enjoy for certain reasons, but are legitimate buyers who use them for show or whatever they are intended for. And then there are people who use them to harm, kill, and devastate. The problem is that there is no eliminating these weapons; people will always find a way to get their hands on one. And doing background checks will only increase the number of aiding and embedding crimes to come in possession of these guns. And making them totally illegal will make the black market thrive more than it already is. Making them totally legal for anyone over a certain age would lead to even more of these shootings.

gun control            Another idea was to increase the amount of security at schools by putting armed police officers at the entrance. My thoughts on this are, yes, it would increase safety or feeling of safety, but our children would see an armed officer everyday and possibly a shooting every once in a while. Teachers having guns was talked about as well, I’m not sure its the best idea to arm schoolteachers whom students look up to one way or another. This would teach kids to feel the need to protect themselves with firearms themselves and so on and so forth.

Before talking about it in class, I was totally against guns and I felt the need for gun control, but the more I think, there is really nothing that could work. Doing research and talking about it has helped me understand the level of difficulty that is attached to this issue. The main reason it is so controversial and important to tackle now is that this concerns the generation to come as well; they will become more and more popular in the years to come. I believe with the legalization of marijuana that law enforcement will have to focus and automatic weapons and less on drugs. This may be a good or bad thing but it is definitely a factor.

Personally, I am not a gun person, but I have a lot of respect for people that use guns for sport. I think buying a rifle for hunting is totally different than an AK-47 for “protection”.  Another thing I don’t understand is the phrase; “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. The prime example of this is that on the same day that the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary, a man in China did the exact same thing with a knife. He stormed into an elementary school, and was detained shortly after with no injuries to any children. It was basically the exact same situation, but since the man was armed only with a knife, no physical harm was done.

To conclude, gun control is very hard to overcome and find a solution for. There is nothing that will please both parties as in pro-gun and con-gun. But background checks are starting to happen already and law enforcement is cracking down on possession, aiding and embedding, and dealing these weapons. But this will not be enough to stop the outbreak, and to my understanding and thinking, nothing will.

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