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You Should Probably Vote

Why is it that every year the percentage of participation of the total number of eligible voters decreases every time an election takes place? It seems that young Americans are not voting for the wrong reasons and their thought process is all messed up. Sure everyone has their reason but majority get it from one person who makes a decision based off of faulty information and spread their toxic disease to all that they know. From there it’s just like an unstoppable cancer that spreads through out the surrounding communities and now we’re left with a bunch of uninformed eligible voters who don’t vote.


            A recent survey from the California Voter Foundation (CVF) shows that 28 percent of infrequent voters and 23 percent of those unregistered said they do not vote or do not register to vote because they are too busy. 93 percent of infrequent voters agreed that voting is an important part of being a good citizen and 81 percent of nonvoters agreed it is an important way to voice their opinions on issues that affect their families and communities. So maybe this whole being too busy thing is a real issue that has been addressed on multiple occasions. Some of the ideas to fix the problem include early voting and voting by absentee ballot. The survey found that family and friends influence how non-voters decide to vote as much as daily newspapers and TV news. Among non-voters, 65 percent said conversations with their families and local newspapers were influential sources of information when it comes to making voting decisions. So unfortunately most of the predictions that many have made surrounding the fact that maybe the media does have a strong effect on our voters today might prove to be correct.

            One of the biggest arguments that people have is that their vote doesn’t count. In my opinion there is a very simple solution to this problem. If our eligible voters are uninformed then we as a country are doomed, the voting turnout will consistently decrease at a most likely rapid rate. A solution to this problem is to turn to education, if young Americans are more informed at a younger age then the chances of them voting are much greater then if they’re not. Form there they can at least hold enough information to make an educated decision rather than a decision that was basically made by a friend. A final argument that is made towards people who don’t vote is that, it doesn’t matter who is in office because no matter who it is my daily life will go unaffected by it. This is a harder cookie to bite into. There isn’t just a simple and sure solution to this one because it is so hard to make a point back towards ones thinking. This is something a potential candidate is going to have to one day fix. If a candidate can sit down and lay out a plan with extreme detail that leaves a sturdy foundation with his or her audience, then people will begin to change their minds. Until that day that politics change, we can only do so much to get people back into those booths on election day.


The Electoral College and it’s effects on the voters

Out of the things we have learned in government this year, one of the most over looked, yet most important topics is the Electoral College. The Electoral College is one of the most important factors in the election process and isn’t always clearly understood. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding and false accusations surrounding the Electoral College. Some of these accusations can sway the mind of some Americans to not vote. The Electoral College is the final say of the final decision, they choose the outcome and the Electoral College has been around since the very early days of our country. If the process was better understood I believe that it could help turn non-voters into participants in the election process.


Each state has a number of electors, which is equal to the amount of U.S Senators and representatives each state has. There are a total of 538 total Electoral College voters and they are the ones who choose the President and Vice President. The beginning issues with the College go all the way back to the very beginning of our country. Congress was fighting a battle between them and the people because it was believed that the people weren’t always right and wouldn’t be able to consistently make an educated vote. So congress created the Electoral College and put them in the 12th amendment. Ever since the Electoral College was reshaped and put into place, candidates began to plan there campaigning around the states with the most electoral votes. The overall goal is to reach to 270 electoral votes and you’d be crowned as the President.

Each state has done a good job with normally electing the same candidate as the popular vote. The biggest dilemma the Electoral College has ever faced was the 2000 election. The original problem first occurred when it was announced that Al Gore won Florida which in turn made Bush’s chances of winning much slimmer. As the night progressed, it was declared that Florida had gone from Al Gore winning to undecided. At around 2 a.m. eastern time, it was declared that Bush had won the state of Florida and when American’s woke up the next morning Florida was deemed too close to count. When Bush was declared the winner Gore demanded a recount and even though he was granted one when the recount concluded he still came up short. President Bush was elected into office even though he lost the popular vote to Al Gore. The 2000 election was one of the strangest elections to ever take place, because of the problems that occurred during the 2000 election, I believe it has played a late role in the mind set of many Americans surrounding voting, ad the Electoral College. There are many Americans who don’t vote and one of the main reasons for their decision to not participate is the Electoral College. Even though there is a lot of understandable or justifiable criticism surrounding the College, people shouldn’t give up their right to vote just because they don’t fully understand the process. The Electoral College protects us, we may think we’re always right but we unfortunate are not. We need these representatives to help us make the right decisions especially on the most important decision that our country faces every 4 years. A more educated election means there’s a better chance that we can put the right person in office to lead us.

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