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A debate on Oil

The United States always has trouble making decisions that are related to energy sources. A report from the Financial Times reports the US has been increasing imports of crude oil from the Middle East. In fact, these rates have been the highest since 2008. Increasing dependency on oil from the Middle East is detrimental because US would have to increase security and involvement. We could reduce these risks by looking to resources closer to North America.

1114_100711tarsandsOne of the largest sources of oil on earth is in Alberta, Canada. It contains oil sands, which contain clay, sand, and bitumen. The bitumen can only be extracted through a complex and expensive process. Also, oil sands are more corrosive than crude oil, so transportation will require more attention. However, building the pipeline would mean an estimated 3.75 trillion barrels of oil. The world’s known crude oil reserves are about 1.76 trillion barrels.

It is a matter of cost and benefits to decide whether the US should build the pipeline. Canada has been pushing the States to build the pipeline. Although, lawmakers are worried that the corrosive oil will cause multiple spills and accidents. I believe that the US should build it for a few reasons. The pipeline will allow the US to reduce dependency on the Middle East. Also, Alberta has a lot of oil so the amount of output will be extremely beneficial. The creation of this pipeline would be a huge investment, but the rewards will ultimately outweigh the costs.

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