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How Safe are Safety Nets?

A fight has recently broken out between the political parties and the issues they are having with Medicare. President Obama has recently opened the floor to negotiate the benefits of Medicare and Social Security.

The controversy with this is the fact that democrats want one things while the republicans want another. The two parties can’t seem to agree on anything. This is also making an issue for Democrats in the 2016 presidential election. “In the midterm races already taking shape, Democrats who back Mr. Obama’s budget proposals to trim future benefits as part of a long-term deficit-reduction compromise could be attacked from the left and the right.”(New York Times).

It has gotten to the point where even liberals and other groups are trying to recruit people to challenge the points they are making. Most of the political warnings to democrats are coming from democrats themselves. Democrats are struggling right now because they do not have any leads for a representative of their party in the 2016 race. The people that they do have don’t have the motivation it takes to run an entire campaign.

Shortly after Obama announced the budget release Ms. Warren said “Our Social Security System is critical to protecting middle-class families, and we cannot allow it to be dismantled inch by inch.” Whoever does run in the 2016 election needs to put Social Security and Medicare at the top of the list for issues to discuss. They will have popularity in the race if they do this.

Medicare and Social Security are two important things that many senior citizens rely on to live a comfortable life. Both of these programs are safety nets. Obama is trying to negotiate the budget on these two programs but he doesn’t see how much some people rely on them. Safety nets help people in unfavorable economic conditions, taking this away will cause serious problems in these peoples lives. The Democrats have realized this and know they must do something in their campaign to change it. 

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