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Nuclear Productivity in Israel

Aa123According to CNN, before the president’s first trip to israel, President Obama addressed the israeli government to cease nuclear production or face further isolation from the U.S. President Obama recognized that clearing the past and present disputes is much easier said than done, as well as recognizing the strong mistrust. He goes on to say that it will take quite a long time to fix all things between the two countries. In attempts to gain some of the israeli public Obama stated that their government was detrimental inside the countries border. Obama also was worried about their civilians having all the rights they are deserving of. Obama still searches for a diplomatic solution to the touchy relationship of the two countries. Obama visiting Israel will help the relationship greatly showing an “olive branch” attitude.

Obama’s actions indicate that he isn’t intending on having another military conflict. Any new military conflict would cost money that the U.S. doesn’t have. If israel continues nuclear production the threat will increase and thats the last thing Obama wants. He is choosing a diplomatic and peaceful way so that no aggression will be shown. While being peaceful and diplomatic Obama is also criticizing their government saying its detrimental inside its borders. By choosing to present an ultimatum to israel with the “isolation” statement he is sacrificing the relationship with israel.

In this decision to resolve this matter in a peaceful way Obama is giving up his decision to go find the nuclear activity and stop it, this is a trade-off. He trades off having a sure stop to the threat of nuclear production for saving lots of money and being diplomatic. He was also thinking about his marginal benefits by seeing that by being as humble as he could he would get his desired result. This also has a side of opportunity cost because by both options being desirable it makes his diplomatic decision a result of giving up the other costing him that decision.

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