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Waistline size affecting the Economy

What would happen if drinks that were more than 16- ounces were to be banned in Texas? Kind of hard to imagine, but have no fear Texans! The ban was not proposed for Texas, but for New York. The reason for this ban was to help the obesity rate in New York to go down. Obesity is a big issue in the United States considering about 68.8% of the

BigSugaryDrinkBan051510--525x415 population is obese. Although this ban did not pass, the possibilities of what could have happened if this ban did pass are endless. The economic problems that could have risen from this ban could have been bad.

In our class, we learned about the difference between a want and a need. A need is something that is necessary for survival. A want is something that is not necessary for survival. It’s obvious that large, sugary drinks are wants. Who needs these huge drinks to survive? This is part of the reason why this ban was made in the first place. These large drinks are not needed for survival. If these large drinks were to be banned, then the obesity rate might go down and then maybe the medical problems associated with obesity would go down as well. This ban was made with the idea that it could help save lives.

The ban would have forbid sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces in restaurants, movie theaters and other food establishments. If this ban had passed, there would have been a few trade offs. One trade off would have been that in order for the obesity rate to go down, restaurants would have to just accept that the money they would have made with these large drinks are now gone. The money made from these drink that are more than 16-ounces, where the drinks could have been banned, could have helped the establishment.

bloomberg-food-nazi-cartoon When the mayor proposed this ban, he basically had the size of people’s waistbands in his mind. While his idea was not that bad because he cared about people’s health, the mayor could have approached this issue of obesity in a different way. Banning these large, sugary drinks means that money that could have been made will now not be made. That money could have helped the economy. Back in our class when we were studying about the government, we had to come up with possible solutions that could help solve the fiscal cliff. In my group we discussed the possibility of taxing the food and drinks that are sugary. Basically, taxing all the junk food and drinks. To solve the problem of obesity, the government could tax the junk food and sugary drinks. Some people may not want to buy the food and drinks if there was a tax on them. Then again there might be some people who don’t care about the tax and just decide to buy the junk food and sugary drinks. So whenever these people buy these products, they can help the economy. This solution can help with obesity and the economy. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

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