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Intro to Economics


Source: Canterbury

The Government and Economics course I am currently enrolled in has been more beneficial to me than any other class. In Government we learned about things like the electoral college and the voting process. In Economics we have started to learn things like the differences between scarcity and shortage, what an entrepreneur is, and what marginal thinking is.


Sources: 123rf, Fiskars, Maria’s Movers, and Fox News

The first day of the trimester we did a stimulation activity that required us to build the tallest structure from 10 straws, a piece of tape, a piece of string, and one pair of scissors. This activity helped me better  understand the difference between land, labor, and capital which are the three factors of production. It also forced us to use marginal thinking because we had to decide whether we wanted to use another straw to have a stronger base or if we wanted to save that straw so we could have a taller structure. We were forced to think marginally because at the time, our products were scarce.

I learn better by doing, so activities like the straw building help me a lot. They help me better understand the terms for the class and they are fun.

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