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Voting in Modern America

In America today, voting is a key part in our government and elections. Though there are many opinions on how voting should work and who should and shouldn’t vote, The Globe has a good perspective on the issue. It says that it “would not take much time and effort to become informed about the candidates” and  that one should “certainly weigh the options and decide which candidate is the best one”. It goes on to talk about how to weigh ones options best and not to just vote for one candidate because of the letter next to their name. This article basically tells the public to research their future leaders to make an informed decision, and if one decides that no candidate is worth voting for then that’s better than blindly not voting.

A woman in California votes

A woman in California votes

I really liked this article for many reasons. It shows that Americans need to be informed to make any kind of governmental decision, whether you vote or  not. Weighing your options and deciding which candidate shares the same views on modern issues as you do is a huge factor in making your informed decision. I agree with this articles opinion on voting and how one should make a logical and informed decision on the elections at hand.

This directly relates to our government class because we spent a lot of our time talking about the elections, and voting is a key component in America’s democracy. This article talks a lot about “informed decisions”, and that exactly what we learned how to do in Government class. 

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