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A Voter’s Importance

The voting process has come to a halt after the election of President Obama for his second term, yet controversy around voter participation remains prevalent. In the United States, or any other country, the people experience controversy inside and out of their government. Controversy sprouts from corruption and scandals between officials, ultimately, promoting a common distrust among the people. ‘Distrust’ has been on the rise now for years in the United States and as a result, skeptics question the act of voting: “Is this truly a democracy?” “Does my vote even count?” Though a small percent may ask such questions, a general distrust with the voting process is becoming a contagious trend among an expanding basis of voters, especially the younger generation. In my time, the clash Conservative and Liberal becomes increasingly uneasy. There seems to be no middle ground. Though the majority of Americans participate in elections of importance, declining participation and distrust of officials leads me to believe that the core ideals and concepts of democracy are falling apart.

Fun photo from the President's inauguration day

Fun photo from the President’s inauguration day

Democracy is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. A majority of values established by the democratic system have adapted to the needs and will of the people as the Union has grown and remains an icon of the United States of America. However, with lack of participation and skepticism of officials democracy simply cannot work successfully. Since “supreme power is vested in the people,” democracy only thrives with the cooperation of the governed. Therefore trust and faith must be put into representatives. Today, the government is dominated by greed and the quarrel between republican and democrat. An unknown blogger states, “Politicians now prioritize fund raising for their elections more than winning individuals’ votes. This is an unfortunate issue in the political system now, more money to fund elections than actually campaigning for votes.” It is no secret that money plays an excessive role in government and I believe that the issue of greed has an ample influence over voter skepticism. Unfortunately, some Americans pay no regard to elections and do not vote for unjustified purposes.http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=130041351

            People may not vote for a variety of reasons, however, numerous Americans simply prove to be indifferent and vote at random or not at all. This is very much a sign of ignorance and, to an extent, laziness. Personally, I believe indifference is a monumental problem in America, especially in voting; advocating the stereotype of “lazy Americans” across the world. Due to the colossal rift between conservatives and liberals, many vote one-sided simply because a representative is a republican or democrat. Neither candidates nor voters are making efforts to find a middle ground. Ignorance breeds an uneducated populace as well—negligent citizens do not take the time to self-educate. Essentially, Indifference, like not participating, simply does not compliment democracy. Lack of involvement does not show contentment, rather a lack of faith or any concern for the well being of our nation.

            To many, a vote is just one of millions. What most don’t realize is that a sum of elections are not landslides. Take, for example, the 2012 Iowa republican caucus Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney beat U.S. senator Rick Santorum by a mere eight votes, the closest GOP primary in U.S. history. A single vote can truly make a difference, though it may not necessarily seem so. In my personal opinion, voting is flawed due to misrepresentation of elected officials, previously discussed. Voting can seems pointless at times, however, voter participation is still largely important because it promotes, not only our fundamental democratic values, but the restoration of the roll of the individual within the United States.

The voter plays an important role in a democratic style of government, however, due to corruption surrounding our new style of “money dependant” government, the nationalistic values that call upon the citizen to vote dwindle. Corruption promotes distrust between the people and those who represent the people. Those who choose not to participate inhibit the core democratic values of our nation and the collective voice of the people cannot be heard. With less and less voters, democracy cannot reach its peak potential.

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