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Reflection on Government Class (Pathways of Change)

The topic from Government class that stuck with me the most was the pathways of change. The United States is supposed to be free, and based off of personal rights. It can sometimes be hard to see how much influence an average citizen can have. It seems like the only people who have a say in anything are the government officials. The political positions are like placeholders for a large population of people, so they must effectively govern over their share of the population. There are, however, ways for citizens to invoke change, and these ways can be categorized into one of five pathways.

The grassroots mobilization pathway is the one that peaked my interest. It involves large groups of people, or the “grassroots” of our economy, to take a stand and let people know what they want. It is like a protest, in a way, just more peaceful. Labor unions, boycotting, and the media are all methods used in this pathway.

Another category is the elections pathway. This pathway is even incorporated in our Constitution. Every individual over the age of 18 is allowed to vote, and therefore decide who they want to hold a position of power. If someone isn’t doing a good job in their position, they won’t be voted into office for another term. This is very compelling motivation for most candidates to do what the people want.

A third pathway is the cultural change pathway. This involves a group of people making a point or statement that sways the opinions of the population. It can entirely change the culture and therefore what the public wants. When the public wants something, and the idea is widely accepted, there will be change.

The units we covered in Government have all helped me better understand what I can and should do as a responsible citizen. I have come to understand that there are many ways for a person to make a change in the modern world. One does not have to be in any important position to have a voice, and that comforts me. There are many current issues that can be solved through these pathways, and I am glad I understand them so that I may put them to good use in the future.

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