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Group think and the study of the dollar

When asked to reflect on what I learned in Government class during the first two trimesters, I jump to thoughts about number crunching and groveling around in the ever elusive quest for the ultimate budget proposal. Such a project required the collective skill set I acquired while learning about intricacies in congressional politics.

Group think

While I am far from having a notable voice in congress, what I learned was a that having a voice is only part of the battle, the rest is learning how to use it in order to patch together a budget proposal with your fellow congressional leaders. At first I thought the purpose of the project was to understand how congress is making their cuts and what we would do differently. Rather than stop there, I discovered that we were also learning how to set aside our own beliefs and work with a group and formulate a plan while thinking critically about the individual choices. I recognize group collaboration is a highly valued skill in the work place and I took my experiences in government class to heart. While I know balancing the government’s budget is not in my future, I know i have learned skills that will help me in my own budgetary quests as wells as working more effectively in groups.

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