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How the United States Constitution influences Daily Life

ImageThe United States Constitution has shaped everything about how Americans think and act, since its creation in 1776.  The Constitution is the backbone of every process of government, making it the go to piece of literature for every controversial issue that faces our nation.  Over the course of this Government class, we have discussed many common issues that can only be solved through close examination of the Constitution itself.  

            Article one of the United States Constitution focuses on the Legislative Branch and its roles and restrictions.  We focused a lot on Section eight and nine: the Powers of Congress and the Limits on Congress.  The United States Congress works completely from within the confines of what the Constitution say they can do. The Congress has immense power over the everyday life of American Citizens. They make all the major decisions making it impossible not to respect their work. Article one establishes everything we know about our modern government, and it was written over two hundred years ago.

            Article two discuses the Executive branch of government. The Roles of the President are specifically outlines in this section.  We learned about the formal and informal powers of the President and how he influences the daily life of the American public.  The in-depth study of the President teaches us a lot about how the government works and our influence in it.

            Article three outlines the specific roles of the judicial branch.  The judicial branch is a very important part the United States government that is often over looked. In class we did a mock trail that helped us understand how cases pass through the Supreme Court, and our role in the process. We learned about the different Supreme Court justices. The third Article of the Constitution explicitly explains the crimes that will get the President impeached.

            Lastly, we studied the Amendments.  We were given many situations and were told to make a Supreme Court decision based off the Amendments of the Constitution.  The twenty-seven Amendments of the United States Constitution are very important to the judicial branch.  It is important to everyday citizens because these Amendments are the backbone to the laws that make up the daily life in America.

            The United States Constitution was written in 1776, and has been the foundation of government ever since.  It is important to understand the branches of government and how they influence the American public.  In class we connected each section of the Constitution to daily life and studied how they work in the simplest since.  The Constitution makes it possible to study controversial issues that face society, and how to solve them. 

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