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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Over the first and second trimesters, I have found that  money mixed with elections is a horrible combination for our country.  A major part of campaigning nowadays is how much money a party or candidate can raise compared to his opponent.  This is a big mistake because the more money that is used to sway votes and opinions, the more the politicians become depended on the money than the issues.  As of now, power is now based on how much money one side has in the elections and something needs to be done to terminate it.

Source: Enduring America

Source: Enduring America

According to Ezra Klein in “More Money, More Problems”, the use of money is turning into a tiresome way of winning elections.  The United States is spending billions of dollars on elections, causing people to wonder if elections every year is a good idea “in a weak economy”.  The fact is, that we are spending too much money on elections during such a hard time and that the outcome might not be favorable to Americans.  Elections allow citizens to voice their opinions but it appears to be only “corporations trying to buy access with winners, secret donors trying to purchase the votes that will make them richer, and ideological hit groups that delight in the scurrilous attacks that candidates themselves would never make”.  So are we really getting a say or is it just big businesses and people with major influences in America?  I think the people with major influences are getting the say.  Meanwhile, while candidates are focused on fundraising, no one is focusing on the main reason why elections are being held: bettering the country by meeting with “with constituents or with public-policy experts”.  It seems reasonable that in order for money not to have a big influence on elections anymore, “a major scandal that’ll shock the public” will need to occur (Sen. Evan Bayh).

In class, we discovered the money spent on campaigning up to November 5th.  The numbers are staggering and shocking.  Just in Massachusetts, $65,421,208 was spent in the  Senate race alone.  It is crazy how much money can play a part in an election and no small person can get the say.  It is clear that too much power is given to those who have the ability to make a change, even if that change is not beneficial for every citizen.

In this case, I think that the power of choice should not be given to the representative of the state.  Clearly, in the perspective of “More money, More Problems,” the representative’s choice is based off of how much money that one person will receive in discord with the constituents.  The fact that money plays a major factor in a representative’s choice that is supposed to be better for the

Source: ParishGov

Source: ParishGov

people is a lie.  If the outcome were to be the best for the constituents, then money would pay no factor whatsoever.  Money is a way of bribing and not all constituents can be bribed.  If constituents have a vote, then they will have their own opinions and not the opinions that money brings them.

Money cannot be used as a deciding factor in an election.  The representative who can balance the want of the people and what is best for the people shall be the most suitable to fulfill the position.  Money can bribe people into doing what the main power wants, but not what the constituents need.  A representative has to be able to make decisions that are not persuaded by money.  It causes problems that no one wants and it is a low point in the representative’s career.

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