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The filibuster is a strategy to delay the passing of a bill by one party for talking as long as possible to try to prevent the passing of the bill in question. The reason I chose filibuster to talk about is because I didn’t know such thing existed in politics. Essentially, to relate it to sports, it is an intentional foul in basketball, a kneel in football, or a cross ice dump in hockey. I really don’t know why this is so appealing to me, I always enjoy last second toss ups in sports, I guess that is why I find it so appealing in government. I live for back against the wall moments and last second shots, I respect and appreciate it in any form whether it be in sports or politics or in any other way. The reason that this is so different to me is that I feel that there are a lot of deadlines to be met in government and I have never heard of delaying them. For example, the fiscal cliff deadline is tomorrow and no amount of negotiation will delay or buy the President and his cabinet more time. They could simply come out with another garbage bill that will just buy them another two months to come up with something better. Another thing that I found was very striking was that one man many years ago got up on a podium and spoke for a straight 24 hours to try to prevent a bill from getting past. These are the things I find so appealing in sports or any other competitive activity, is the willingness to win or not to lose badly. I find this “cool” because I feel that government is overly tense sometimes, for good reasons, but it is still very serious and I feel that filibuster is a change and can be a joke for some people to accept defeat but frustrate their opponents while doing so. This opportunity or law of last stand is not very important and rarely effective, but for the reasons I’ve listed, it is the thing that sticks out the most in our course.


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