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Being a President

Being the president of the United States is a massive responsibility to take, especially since the president must play many roles for the people. The president must play the seven roles: Chief of State, Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, Chief Legislator, Chief of Party, and Chief Guardian of the Economy. Many people have their own favorite role they take interest in, however I don’t have a single favorite since all these roles amaze me. The reason being is that why would anyone choose a favorite role of the president when truly it is all of these roles put together that makes a president a president,

When the president plays the Chief of State I am inspired to become like the president since he is representing the American people; the president represents the people by: awards medals to winners of college scholarships and awards soldier with high standard medals (Medal of Honor), congratulating astronauts after their long, dangerous journey in space, greeting visitors to the White House, and addressing many patriotic speeches. I also find the role of Chief of State interesting because whatever the president does, he is representing the people of America, and when he accomplishes something great, we the people have accomplished it as well. Being Chief Executive also has an important part in being a president since the president must choose people to be officials and advisers for the Executive Branch, and decides which laws of the United States must be enforced. Getting to choose the people to help run government alongside with the president may seem simple, however it is a bit more difficult since the president, with the help of his advisers, must choose the most honest and trustworthy. The Chief Diplomat, seems like a tough task to take on since the president must know what to make his diplomats and ambassadors to day to foreign government and make a foreign policy. Having to be under pressure of another country is very intimidating, in my opinion, yet the president takes it full on without showing any fear especially with the nations that threaten to destroy us. Then there is the role of Chief Legislator, which shows a bit of restriction to the president’s power, but it is important to note that his power is limited by Congress and the document known as “Separation of Powers.” Now, being the Chief Legislator, it is the president’s job to influence his own creation of laws amongst Congress since he doesn’t have the power to put them into play. This is very amazing since many people think that the president has the most power in America, yet the truth of the matter is that we live in a democratic type government that calls for equality in power. Next is the Chief of Party, which I find hilarious when a younger audience believe that it is the president’s duty to throw down parties for the people of America, but in reality his job is to help members of his political party to become elected or appointed to office especially when he has to try to be reelected for the next election. Finally comes the “smartest”
role, which is the Chief Guardian of the Economy since in this role the president must solve problems with unemployment, high taxes, tax cuts, business profits, and the general economy state of the country. I feel that this role would be the pinnacle of the president’s frustration since the economy has always been the a problem with most presidents. I personally would probably quit from being too frustrated when none of my suggestions works, but yet the president pushes hard and carries on with his job. This is why the president is amazing; the president is a person chosen to represent the people to the very end of his presidential career without ever giving up on his country.  

Being a president takes lots of courage and patience, and I acknowledge the fact that we are all human  and make mistakes. Though it inspires me that a person every election goes up for the role of president in order to represent all the people of America. The candidates know what they are going into is not for the faint of heart and that millions of people rest on their shoulders, and yet they continue to show up and try out for the position of president. So many roles to play and so much responsibility to withhold is what makes me believe that the president is the most interesting job any person can have.

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