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Sequester THIS!

As of March 1, 2013, government was unable to do anything about the sequester. Essentially, members of government failed to stop $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. As most of America will blame the President, such a blunder is not under President Obama’s control. As stated in the Constitution, the President can only advise Congress in his State of the Union address. Nowhere in the Constitution is the President allowed to do Congress’s work. Every time an issue like this comes up, Mr. President claims that “we shouldn’t be making a series of dumb cuts.” He also points to Republicans stating that it was their choice to not budge and allow cuts in military and education to occur. Although, many analysts do claim that the President is at fault for actually creating the sequester.

On the other hand, Speaker of the House John Boehner says “The House has already acted twice in the last two months to replace these cuts with smarter cuts. We’ve done our job.” He certainly isn’t wrong. The House had unanimously created last-minute solutions to the debt-ceiling twice before. However, these solutions were not enough to solve all of the problems with America’s debt issues. In the end, we have two parties blaming each other and little progress being made.

If one is to blame someone, then it is not going to be Democrats and the President nor Republicans. A complete bipartisan “supercommittee” consisted of six senators and six members from the House of Representatives. This committee was in charge of creating a deal that Obama and Boehner couldn’t create in mid-2011. If this group did not create a solution, then sequestration would have been the punishment. “The cuts were designed to be as clumsy and inflexible as possible, in order to motivate lawmakers to come up with a better approach.” Even though many lawmakers saw hope in the committee, members didn’t open up their partisan minds. Democrats on the committee wanted to raise taxes while Republicans demanded for large spending cuts.


Committees are the foundation of Congress. Most of Congress’s work is done behind doors in small groups. The “supercommittee” was a failure and it now costs our nation $85 billion in cuts. Some say that many members of the committee didn’t even care of their own. The group had the capability to forge a deal, but not a single member even thought about giving up their own partisan minds. We need committees that are willing to give up what they still believe in and to take a risk. If not, then we will remain in a world where people will blame each other over unnecessary cuts.

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