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Who Really Has the Power?


Source: Kids Voting MC

From the beginning of trimester one to the end of trimester two, we have learned everything from what our founding fathers had in mind when they wrote our constitution, to what is to happen to our economy in the near future with the fiscal cliff the country is going over. What I found most interesting was learning about the voting process. Since I started learning about the voting process when I was younger, I always thought the president was elected only using the popular vote. Over the years I started hearing about the “electoral college“. I never paid much attention to the term and what it meant until we began to talk about it in this course. 

The electoral college is a vote compromised between votes from congress and the popular votes of citizens. It consists of 538 electors and a majority of 270 votes are required to elect a president. Each state has a different amount of electors depending on how many members it has in its Congressional Delegation. Under the 23rd amendment, the District of Columbia has 3 electors as it is treated like a state during election time for reasons having to do with the Electoral College. To determine which candidate in an election gets the vote from the electoral college of each state, there is a thing called “winner-takes-all” which is where the winner of the popular vote in a specific state gets the electoral votes from that state. In the end, which ever candidate has the most electoral votes wins the election. Because the constitution established this idea of the electoral college, a candidate can win the popular vote, but still lose the election.


Source: Cottondew


What caught my attention the most was the fact that a candidate can win the popular vote, but lose the election. To me, this makes it seem like the votes of the people don’t matter. If a candidate wins the popular vote, he should win the election. If a candidate wins the popular vote that shows that he or she is the person the people of the United States want in office as the leader of our country. 

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