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Too far over the edge

Source: Icic.com

Source: Icic.com

During the second trimester of Government one topic that really interested me was the fiscal cliff project. I guess I was lucky we went into depth over this topic. The reason this topic was so interesting was because it was something that going to affect us in real time, it wasn’t a law or something that only affected us if we didn’t follow the rules or broke the law. Also the fact that the whole nation had to worry about the looming fiscal cliff was really eye opening for many people. For about the one percent of the people that don’t know what the fiscal cliff is, it is a set of budget control acts that were placed to activate once we reached a certain amount of debt. The cuts varied all the way from the defense program to medicaid. The cuts were supposed to go into affect in January providing both political parties didn’t get something worked out. The looming cliff also would raise taxes for everyone! But as everyone expected Obama was able to work out a deal before the dead line ever came. The deal that both parties were able to come to peace with was a deal that technically just moved back the budget cuts until March. March being right around the corner we can all assume what is going to be on CNN and on the daily news, The Fiscal Cliff. I feel like Obama has a tough situation on his hand because he has the job of making up a plan that both parties will like and agree on, which would literally be the hardest thing. Knowing both parties fight for different things and finding something in the middle of budget cuts and raising taxes doesn’t sound too likely with this crisis coming up within the next month. The thing that this project made me really think about was the compromise both parties have to make. I had known that both parties had separate views but had never really thought about how much they must argue and how hard it would to come to a deal. As an American I think it’s vital that both groups come to agreements on everything they do or else the government would just be in shambles.

Source: drkarenruskin.com

Source: drkarenruskin.com

We as Americans have the right to form our own opinions about anything, therefor our own opinions on political views, each side stands for something different and if you’re in the middle you aren’t really contributing to the people in congress and helping the nation progress as a whole. Something that this class has made me realize is that too many people follow in their parents foot steps because thats all they know, it is critical that everyone forms their own opinion on each situation. That opinion may be the opinion of your parents but is so important that you stand up what you believe for and not only stand up but also represent your political party. Not knowing what party you favor is fine, but its vital that you educate yourself during this time on not knowing so that when you become old enough to vote its a simple decision and you are helping the government and everybody in the states. Junior year in high school was a perfect time to this class into affect, to many people would blow it off any other year before that and junior year is right before you’re 18 giving a heads up on what politics are, how you affect them if you do or do not vote. Before being in this class I didn’t know much about politics and how our government works. But after two trimesters it really opens your mind about whats happening and helps you form your own opinions.

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