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The Judicial Branch’s Responsibility

In the final days of government, we had a mock trial of the Fisher vs University of Texas case. This summed up our days in government, and in a way also taught me the most. Government taught me many things. The foundations of our government, how our government works, and the class taught me how to understand it. When entering the 11th grade, I knew very little about how we are governed. The Fisher vs University of Texas case taught me the way of the judicial branch, and how it operates. To understand the judicial branch, I needed to literally be involved in a case, and by acting out the case in class I now know the Judicial Branch.


The Fisher vs University of Texas case is a controversial case involving the university of Texas and Abigail Fisher, a young white girl from Texas. Fisher was denied from UT with a 3.6 GPA and was in the top 12 percent. She argues that because of the University of Texas’ holistic evaluation process, she was deferred. She believed that without the holistic evaluation, she would have gotten in. It is argued that the University already gets enough diversity through the ten percent that they automatically admit, and there is no need for the holistic process that is responsible for the rejection of thousands of perfectly qualified students. I sided with the petitioners, arguing that the university should not use the holistic process after the 10%, because “the 10% plan ensures entry for thousands of black and Hispanic students from very poor neighborhoods, and makes the university comparable in diversity”, meaning that the university is already diverse.

This case showed me the difficulty the judges face in making the right decisions. The judges must use their best judicialbranchopinion to act correctly, and to make the right decisions. The judges had to make their best judgement, and as stated in Federalist 78, the judges needed “independent spirit in the judges which must be essential to the faithful performance of so arduous a duty”. The judges chose to side with the university, as they believed that Fisher didn’t have the grades to get in, and the university has the rights to accept who they feel necessary. The judiciary branch must use ‘judgement’ to perform their job to the best degree.

Government is a very important class because it has taught me to be more knowledgable about the world I live in. I know more. From elections to the presidency to congress, I know how to use my knowledge to form opinions about our leadership. Government as a class has changed my view on our country.

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