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Promises of the President

Government in the firbarack-obama-hands-portrait-300x280st and second trimesters has been a huge learning step for me. Not only are my eyes so much more open to the political world, but to the world as a whole. Growing up, I never bothered to care about politics, all I knew about the president is he was the man who lived in the White House and the one who always spoke in front of millions of people. Obviously, it is much more than just that.

As our leader, commander, and voice of our nation, the President of the United States holds many grand responsibilities. As part of being our leader, he must promise to uphold these responsibilities in everything he does. Today, they are known as the 10 Modern Presidential Roles. They are simply the roles that the President must commit to, for example, most elect Chief Diplomat as the most important role. The role of Chief Diplomat is a mixture of having people skills and being involved in international relations. Without international alliances, we are simply one against many. In my opinion, the president to play the role of Chief Diplomat the best was President Jimmy Carter. President Carter attempted to create a diplomatic framework for coexistence and cooperation among the nations of the Middle East. From September 5th to September 17th, 1978, Jimmy Carter met with President Anwar al-Sadat and Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel to negotiate a peace settlement. The agreement provided that Egypt would not attack Israel. It also set conditions to bring other Middle East nations to the peace table. This would be considered one of the best examples of a president exemplifying the Chief Diplomat role as it would help create peace in the Middle East. Another role the president must play is the Protector of Peace. As Protector of Peace, the president promises comfort and safety to the citizens of the United States. Obviously, the president can’t protect everyone from disaster, but can issue comfort and aid to the families that are affected. Several examples where Barack Obama exhibits this role is after Hurricane Sandy as well as Hurricane Irene. Obama went and visited the affected, doing a great job during and after the storm. Another example is the 2009 oil spill in the gulf. Obama failed to react quick enough after 11 people died, an awful example of Obama showing he acts as the Protector of Peace. Decided as the least important role of the president is Chief of Party. The overall goal of the Democratic Party is to win elections and the president does his best to assure that no matter the position, the democratic party will win. All he must do is help members of his party get elected as he helps prove the positive in his party. This has absolutely no affect on us, as the citizens of the United States, but more on the democratic party as a whole. The New York Daily News posted a great article on the promises Obama made, yet is unsuccessful in accomplishing most of them.

These three roles aren’t necessarily roles that affect us, as the people, but more as us, our government. Because in the end, if our government is affected, then we will indirectly be affected. You can look at the different roles and determine which is most and least important, but in my opinion, the role of being a good leader and leading us in the right direction is the most important role the president must offer. Out of everything we have learned in class, I have found learning about these roles the most entertaining and eye-opening. A big thank you to Mr. Ostroff, for all the time he takes teaching and showing us the rights from wrongs politically.

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