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Hands on learning about the Supreme Court case of Abigail Fisher

Supreme Court Justices (2013)

So far this year, I think the most interesting thing that our class has done was the mock trial of the Abigail Fisher Supreme Court case.(NY Times) It was not only good to learn about more current events, but also really enjoyable to act it out instead of just sitting at the desk, reading about it. It was interesting to learn about the actual proceedings of the Supreme Court and I think we very much appreciated the hands on experience as opposed to just learning in a more passive manner.

The Supreme Court case of Abigail Fisher versus the University of Texas is a hotly debated current event surrounding a high school students rejection from the University of Texas. Fisher’s argument is that she, a white female, was not accepted to the school while other minority students with lower academic achievements were accepted. She felt that she was denied entrance based solely on her race. However, the University of Texas argues in response that they encourage diversity and were not violating Fisher’s 14th amendment right but rejecting her but rather, they were accepting students that would make the school a more diverse place in order to prepare students more for the real world.

It is important for us to learn about and keep track of current events like this because it prepares us to one day be citizens of the real world who have to make informed opinions on a daily basis. Our generation will one day be the lawyers, legislators and Supreme Court justices that make decisions that could deeply affect people’s lives. To do so while uninformed about the issues at hand would be a disservice to the people who are governed by these decisions. It is imperative for me and people my age to learn how to stay informed because it prepares us greatly for the future.

There seems to be more intake of information for students, in my opinion, when we do things like act out supreme court cases as opposed to just reading about them. Reading is passive, boring and pretty much what we do all day. It’s nice to take a break, be engaged and active in our own learning process. People tend to be more interested in something like doing a mock trial of a current case than reading about the decision of one that has already happened.

The Supreme Court is one of America’s most interesting parts of the government because it makes decisions based on actual cases. It is crucial for us as possible future Supreme Court justices to learn how it works in a way that both interests us and helps us to understand the massive role it plays in the governing of American people.

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