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Government Made Fun?

This year Government class has been the most interesting course in my high school career, thus far. The class is not about listening to the teacher lecture and taking notes, but rather thinking critically to solve problems that today’s politicians have to solve. We have done many things to learn new information but also have to think of creative ideas.  For example there was an activity called “Constitutional Hypotheticals” in which we were given a hypothetical situation and had to search through the Constitution to find whether the certain situations were in accordance with the Constitution, or not. We did the same type of assignment many other times, focusing on particular sections of the Constitution such as Fun with Article I and Fun with Article II.

Though this activity was fun and education, it was not the section I liked the most, but rather that spot would have to go to the Mock Trial we did in the last section of the course. We were studying the Judiciary for the last subject and our teacher said, “Why would you want to sit there and listen to me teach you about the judiciary. And why would I want to have to prepare a powerpoint and lecture you for the class” (for clarification purpose, this is paraphrasing what he said).  So instead of making us sit and take notes, he had us reenact a real case, one that the Supreme Court has not yet released a decision for. We were to hold a mock trial for the Fisher vs. UT case, three people volunteered to be Petitioners for Fisher and three people volunteered to be the Respondents for UT. The rest were to be the Justices in the Supreme Court, I was included in this group. We were also assigned a

Fisher v. UT Source: Policymic

Supreme Court Justice to act as, I was Samuel Alito. We read our Justices’ bio to figure how our Justice would act and then wrote questions to ask the two sides of the court case. When the Mock Trial began I took the role I was given and ran with it. I was probably the one who asked the most questions, to both sides. I asked so many different questions, I even played Devil’s Advocate. By the end of the trial I was so into it that I could not stop thinking about the case for most of the day. Even though I have no interest into going into politics or law, I do like to question people and argue cases. When I was able to question the Petitioners’ and Respondents’ arguments, I was having a great time getting the information I wanted to know out of the two sides. At the end of the case we all voted like the Supreme Court would, it was a very educational and exciting experience.

This year’ Government course has been the most interesting and thought provoking class. The unique way it is taught is new to me. Because the class is centered around the Internet, it is a very effective way to teach todays’ high schoolers. I believe if the class were to be taught in a more traditional way, I would not have learned as much nor would I have enjoyed the it as much.

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