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Campitelli3This year in Government I have most enjoyed the debates and our discussions on twitter and in class about our thoughts on the candidates’ views and how they presented them. As a class it was widely agreed upon that Governor Romney started off the debates hot, he came out portraying his views and plans very strongly while President Obama seemed to have a relaxed or aloof demeanor, almost suggesting that he thought he already had won the presidential race.  CNN covered the first debate in Denver and they believed that “Romney was hungry, Obama was flat.” The discussion about the debate was raging on twitter as students and teacher alike spoke their thoughts. Mr. Schmidt, one of our teachers in the English department chimed in on the conversation going on at our ParishGOV twitter page by saying, “Obama is totally taking the bait: engaging Romney in the Reagan-era culture war.” He was also of the belief that Romney started hot and Obama fell into a lull. Seeing the different views of people in our class and how heated the conversations could get was rather interesting. Every clashing idea and every agreement was expressed without holding back while trying to prove their own thought or disprove another. The class discussions were definitely a very memorable part from government class.

When we were able to do our class work with a group and then break off by ourselves to finish the other half of the assignment, was very enriching. Since we were able to gain the perspective of the group’s members before we broke off to do the rest of assignment by ourselves we could answer the questions on our own with a broader and more insightful perspective on the subject. Without starting the assignment with the group we would have had a more narrow view of the subject and would not have been able to answer the questions to our full potential.

Towards the end of the second trimester when we began toNorth Korea rocket launch have current event presentations the classroom erupted in discussion over the current issues and news in America. Gun control and North Korea were the big topics for our current events and discussions and debates on them. North Korea’s nuclear warhead threat was incessantly debated and talked about in our class. The Guardian reported that North Korea has been testing the nuclear warheads for a while and they were being tested again in early February. In class the debate went on about whether North Korea was a threat to the United States or not. The current event presentations in class gave us a great view of the world today and a chance to express our own opinions about it.

Government class this year has been a very enriching and exciting experience for me and most likely the whole class. Class discussion, working together on work, and current events made the class very interesting for anyone avidly participating and even people who just wanted to listen.  Everyone gained new knowledge on how to better your thought process and how to support and speak about your own opinions.

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