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Foundation to Govenment

With everything that we have learned over the course of the first two trimesters this year my favorite topic has by far been has been when we studied the Foundation of our government. It was cool to go back and talk about Hobbes and Locke’s ideas and analyze their writing as well as discuss not only the Declaration of Independence but also talk about the Constitution. All throughout this unit we studied some of the most major documents that were written during the beginning of the United States. During this unit I loved how we got to actually go through all the different documents and analyze them on our own then come back together and share what everyone thought on the subject as well as the main idea.

During our talk about the Constitution when we did our Constitutional Research Project I can say that was when I learned the most. I learned more about our Constitution by actually studying the document instead of being lectured about it. As well as with this project it taught me that when working in groups one must not only be on task but also willing to listen to the other members of the group.

Memorizing the first 55 words of the Declaration was also exciting for me because while people know the preamble of the Constitution not everyone knows as much about the Declaration. The Declaration is one of the most important documents our country has. It is the document we used to declare that we were no longer going to be under the rule of a tyrant and that we were going to be a free people and that everyone has the right to freedom. While the Constitution protects those rights without the Declaration the Constitution its self would have never been written.

While we were also on this unit the last Presidential elections were beginning to really heat up. It was cool to study how a person has to meet certain qualifications to become president. Having this take place at the beginning of the year really helped set the tone for how we were going to learn in the class. With the government course over now I can say that I am walking away with a better understanding of not only how our government works but also how our forefathers wanted us to set up our government.
At the end of the unit when we didn’t have a paper test but instead wrote two different essays about what we had learned over the course of the unit it really helped cement the fact that the course was indeed there to help mold us into becoming engaged and responsible citizens.

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