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The Effects of Climate Change

Despite the constant commercials and TV ads about the environment, people do not understand that it is affecting us now, and will continue to effect us in the future. According to the Washington Post, government needs to start saving for fluctuation in climate change because climate change will alter “crop yields, bridges and other infrastructure” (Washington Post). Not only will it impact the bridges and infrastructure, but also the accuracy of the weather forecasts. The United States citizens lack the ability to notice or understand the repercussions of global warming that are affecting people today, and in the future.


Credit: Image courtesy of Global Warming Art

When average citizens think of global warming I would suggest that our minds would go straight to an image of a polar bear sitting on tiny block of ice floating in the ocean. However, in southern Louisiana they are facing the reality of global warming.  In Louisiana in 1991, on Highway one was once 3.9 feet above sea level, but now it has lost more than a foot. In the last sixteen months alone, it has sunk another two inches. According to the Washington Post, “Ten miles of the highway is now standing 22 feet above sea level on cement piles.But another seven miles is not, and if less than a half a mile of this highway succumbs to the 14-foot storm surges expected in the future, the highway will need to be shut down, cutting off the port.” Louisiana is in desperate need to fix the road, but they do not have the money. Louisiana has reached out to the government, but  they government will only contribute experts. The people of Louisiana have the right to have a highway that is safe, and reliable. Although the government only funds money for interstates, they should become more involved in Louisiana’s fight with climate change. If the government does not comply then the people of Louisiana should use the lobbying pathway of action to persuade government officials.

Many Americans do not understand that global warming is not a myth, and that global warming is already influencing our world.  President Obama said in his State of the Union address said that he would take the steps “to prepare our communities for the consequences of climate change.” Although the government has already taken action to adjust to global warming, they need to do more. The urgency for action is crucial, and many of the other countries have planned for global warming. The President is acting as the Voice of the People, and that he, “…serves as a moral spokesman for all” (Rossiter 282).  The President is really trying to prepare the nation for global warming, however, many people are still not educated about it. Like Neustadt, the key to persuasion is with action because the words will have no meaning if they are not upheld to a specific standard (Neustadt 218). The President has many other duties to attend to, but it is essential that citizens are being educated that global warming is a serious issue that the government needs to address.

The government has an obligated duty to be responsible for things that people cannot afford that is for the greater good of society. One example of this is the problem with the satellites. The issue is that these satellites will only last for another two years. There is a demand for new satellites that are more efficient and accurate. The new satellites can be delayed up to fifty-three months. This entails that the weather will not be as accurate, and there will be shorter warming times for hurricanes, tornadoes, or blizzards. Although this might not seem potentially disastrous, if in fact a city needs to evacuate a couple hours makes a difference to hundreds of people. The country needs to provide reliable and quick weather reports because the government is responsible for these weather satellites.

Global warming is affecting the real world, and many citizens are not educated of problems that it can cause.  Many citizens including myself believed that global warming would not affect our world for a couple more years. However after reading this article understand that climate change is not a myth, and is very real. I had not realized that climate change would alter the sea level, and then this would influence the highways. Not only was I uneducated about climate change, but how the satellites directly effect us. The government needs to uphold their responsibility to ensure that the citizens are safe, and that people are educated about global warming.

Abby Jennings

  1. govsarahv
    February 22, 2013 at 11:17 am

    Good job on your post! I enjoyed reading about global warming because it is a topic i do not know much about! Everything was well structured and flowed nicely! The only thing that i would suggest for you to do is hyperlink the links that you used. In the first paragraph you credited the Washington Post but there was no hyperlink to the site. Also, at the bottom of your picture give credit to the site where you found the picture. Overall, great job!!

  2. govdaniellem
    February 24, 2013 at 11:13 am

    I agree with you and your thinking. This is, like Sarah said, a topic I don’t know too much about. I really enjoyed learning more about it in your post. You made it sound extremely logic and you used great diction. I would just suggest you use less quotes next time! Overall, great job!

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