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The 8-Year Illegal Immigration Plan Awaits

According to the New York Times, the issue of illegal immigration has been a very emotional one for more than two decades. Illegal immigrants made a huge impact on the 2012 presidential election, as the children of those immigrants, who are U.S. citizens, largely supported the Democratic Party, leading them to crush the Republicans. It has been a very heated debate in recent years on what should be done with the 11 million immigrants currently living in the United States. While the Democrats want a open path for citizenship of illegal immigrants and an even an easier process for their children, the Republican Party yearns for a more strict selection policy and also stronger border control. I believe that the Democratic proposal is necessary to solve the problem of illegal immigration by creating an easier and shorter path to citizenship; therefore, President Obama must use the necessary leadership roles of Chief Legislator and Chief of Party push the bill into a law.

I support the Democratic policies for a path to citizenship because I believe that if the United States gave a shorter time to give legal status, it would bring out more illegal immigrants willing to seek citizenship. If Congress codified the Republican Party’s proposal, then most illegal immigrants would not want to take the punishment of “longer path for illegal immigrants, to make it clear they are not jumping the line or being rewarded for violating the law to come to the United States.” Making the process more difficult will intimidate the illegal immigrants because they may feel that the process is not worth it. Although the Democrats’ proposal contains nothing about stronger border security, President Obama mentioned it in his immigration speeches in reference to stopping or slowing the flow of illegal immigrants. I support the Democratic Party’s policy primarily because having a long legalization process will only force the immigrants to hide from the government, where a shorter process may inspire them to seek citizenship. Even though the policy might initially encourage more illegal immigration flow, I believe that if Obama develops a stronger border security as promised, we can slow the illegal movement along the borders.

During the process of passing the bill, the President plays a crucial role as Chief Legislator.  According to Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution, it is the President’s duty to recommend legislation to congress and he has the power to veto. As President, Obama decided he would be the presiding officer in the illegal immigration discussion, in which he has “remained committed to staying on the sidelines while a group of Republican and Democratic senators tries to reach an immigration agreement by the spring.” Since Obama is spearheading the legislation, he wants to make policy and law that will benefit the country as well as his party. This is part of his duty as Chief of Party, in which he is the leader and representative of the Democratic Party. So while he is encouraging the two parties to reach a compromise, he also has the duty to his party. In the discussion of illegal immigration and the path to citizenship, the President preserves these crucial roles of Chief Legislator and Chief of Party to make sure the bill gets passed and becomes law.

The illegal immigration discussion is a very important social issue because it pertains to the President’s role as Chief Legislator. These presidential roles are very important in understanding the politics of government, and make an important connection to the discussion in our government class. The issue of illegal immigration helps us understand the President’s role in the government, as well as seeing true politics in action. For better or for worse, politics is the primary motivation for the policies of most members of Congress. In this case, the immigrants played a crucial role in the 2012 election and helping them obtain citizenship will increase the power of the Democratic Party. This event in our country helps me visualize the President’s role in the government and what he actually does in the Oval Office. Also, the issue of illegal immigration gives me insight into what each party believes, and will help me form opinions when I am of age to vote. I believe that if Congress can compromise and reach a solution that will have the best of the Republican and Democratic policies, the country can eventually solve the illegal immigration problem. In order to get a cooperative Congress, President Obama must use his leadership abilities to guide them in the right direction so they might reach a solution that will satisfy everyone while still remaining true to his party.

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