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Still Falling Off the Fiscal Cliff

Boehner and Obama disagreements

Even though the Fiscal Cliff deadline has passed, questions are still being raised about the spending cuts.  Previous arguments of both parties are still in the forefront of political debate.  The parties are blaming each other and nothing is getting done even though there is an impending deadline of March 1st.  America may be on the brink of a fiscal catastrophe and it appears that John Boehner and President Obama cannot shake hands and come to an agreement.

Looking back at our great nation, one must cite the Concord Coalition, where “brave Americans kept at it against overwhelming odds because they had a vision of the grand nation they wanted for their future and for generations to come”. The citizens of our nation feel that the government today is losing sight of what is fiscally right for the people.

America faces deep fiscal challenges threatening the sacrifices made by our forefathers to make our nation great.  The idea that the government borrows hundreds of billions of dollars annually to pay for huge consumption is outrageous. This consumption forces our citizens to bear the burden of carrying the massive debt that continous to only get worse for the generations to come.   Our elected officials are afraid to cut back on spending and don’t dare to raise taxes to pay the debt. They continue to cut taxes while increasing spending to support special interests in Washington.

Outrageous Spending

According to CNN, “Congress, which isn’t even in session this week, doesn’t appear close to taking action on the $85 billion in forced cuts, which take March 1”.  Massive military spending cuts which were meant to be drastic and help the budget have yet to be put into effect.  This is just one example of Boehner and Obama’s disagreement.  Boehner blames Obama for the stalemate and calls Obama a failed leader.  Obama urges the Republicans to compromise. There is a concern to protect investments in education, healthcare and national security. Securing these investments impact jobs. It is possible that hundreds of thousands of jobs will be affected by the Congress dragging their heels. Even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asked Republicans to listen to the American people and work in a bipartisan way to reduce the deficit.

Even though President Obama proposed an idea for spending cuts that was approved by congress, they were still allowed to borrow from the treasury to pay the nation’s bills. What is amazing is that citizens are expected to pay their debts monthly, while our government fails to do the same.  It appears that our congress believes that they have the right to borrow and spend at will, where average citizens are told to live within their budget.  Americans want a balanced budget, but it doesn’t seem like our leaders do.  These adults, who are supposedly our nation’s leaders, need to learn to compromise as they teach their children to do.  The Republicans and the Democrats must budge on their opposition to closing tax loopholes and make the fiscal challenge right for all Americans.

  1. February 23, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Brent – you write well! Curious: in your view, what does a compromise look like between 2 political parties with such different views of what’s best for the country? Do you have a feeling that the parties will do something together (in the end)? Will voters hold leaders accountable if leaders don’t get something done?

  2. govdaniellem
    February 24, 2013 at 11:17 am

    I like your post and your thinking behind it! My only suggestion is that you change the caption under the picture to something the reader will understand. Great job!

  3. brentf14
    March 2, 2013 at 11:27 pm

    In the end I believe there will be a bipartisan agreement. Eventually both parties will realize what needs to be done in order to reach an deal. If no deal is done, I believe voters will be furious. This issue has been continually pushed aside, and this would be the last straw. If no agreement is made, I believe our economy will suffer tremendously.

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