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It’s Easier Said Than Done

On December 14, 2012, twenty children lost their lives to a bullet.

Emilie Alice Parker was one of the children shot at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Six teachers, who were dedicating their lives to education, lost their lives to a bullet. Newtown, Connecticut lost family and friends to a bullet. Adam Lanza shot these innocent children and blameless teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This means there is an angel in heaven that will not be able to celebrate his/her seventh birthday because of a gun. This incident brings the United States together to discuss gun control. In Barack Obama’s State Of The Union Address on February 12, 2013, gun control was saved for the last part of his speech, as this is one of the most controversial, frustrating topics to find a solution to. There is the discussion of making more detailed, secure background checks, preventing criminals from receiving weapons, and sending votes to Congress. The most sincere and significant part of Obama’s address was when he said, “I know this is not the first time this country has debated how to reduce gun violence. But this time is different.” This time is different. This occurrence isn’t even remotely similar to any other event. These were pure and righteous citizens who lost their lives. When a first-grader loses his/her life from a twenty-year-old man, we know the United States needs an adjustment. What that adjustment is? What should the revised gun control regulations be? It is unknown. But, with the assistance of Barack Obama and all the various rolls he plays, a more stable and safer future is sure to come.

As I have learned in my Government and Economics class, Barack Obama has numerous rolls and responsibilities. These jobs will greatly impact the outcome of gun control. Obama is the Voice of the People and Protector of Peace. These two roles easily place him as the leader of gun regulations. First, as the Voice of the People, he must understand and comprehend what the citizens want. He represents us. He is a human being with every citizen’s words inside him. He doesn’t just listen, but responds to the opinions of this country. If we want certain guns banned, he can follow through on that. If we want to have a majority vote, then he can follow through on that. If we, as citizens, do not want guns to be allowed within a hundred feet from all schools, Obama can follow through on that. He is our voice. He is what we want as a whole country. Also, the President is the Protector of Peace. When an event or sudden disturbance somehow troubles the People’s peace, it is the President’s job to step in and help. It is the President’s roll to maintain peace. When an occurrence, such as the one taken place at Sandy Hook Elementary, happens, Obama is the one to act. This may include making decisions that are best for the United States. Sometimes the United States can’t have what is best for the country and what each citizen wants. Obama is the leader and decision-maker for both the Voice of the People and the Protector of Peace. He will be able to lead us to more thorough gun regulations.

Based on discussion in class, my own research, and the news, I realize that history keeps repeating history. Nothing is happening. In Colorado, there was a shooting at a movie theatre. After a few months, during which Obama claimed to have been making a change, innocent children were killed at their school. The same nerve-wracking episodes will keep repeating each other until something is actually put into place. I also do not necessarily agree with the voting mentioned in Obama’s State of the Union. Why is a vote necessary? The ones who vote ‘no’ for gun control bills are the ones who shouldn’t have weapons in the first place. The wrong hands are getting a hold of weapons. I obviously do not have an answer to the problem. I do know, however, that something needs to happen now. We can talk about it all we want. Putting a plan into action is different. Just like people say, ‘It’s easier said than done.’

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  1. govabbyj
    February 22, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    Hi Danielle I thought your paper was execute very well. I have one suggestion that you break your paragraphs more so they aren’t so long. But great job!

  2. February 23, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    Heart-felt, Danielle – I appreciate you for sharing your feelings about gun violence with us! How do you feel about possible solutions that have been presented thus far?

    (On why is a vote necessary – I’d suggest it’s a reference to the votes in Congress that are necessary to bring a bill to the President’s desk for signing into law)

    Y ou write that you “obviously do not have an answer to the problem.” I think you are capable of offering creative, real suggestions from a unique perspective and so I’m curious… what should be done?

  3. govdaniellem
    February 24, 2013 at 11:05 am

    The solution should be more about the people, not guns. I do believe that guns should not be allowed within a hundred feet from schools. In all honesty, I would ban most, if not all, guns. That seems to be the only reasonable and safest answer. I don’t find it necessary to have something that could take the lives of others.

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