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Is the Second Amendment right under fire?

Gun Control is one of the most debated issues that we all have to deal with in our everyday lives.  Lately, there have been many controversial attempts to band automatic weapons because of events that have occurred recently like Sandy Hook and Chris Kyle. Gun control is a major issue today because of the controversy between the two very passionate sides of debate. One side of the group believes that people kill people, while the other side of the group believes that guns kill people. Personally, I believe people kill people. I know that the events that have occurred recently are catastrophic, but in the end it is not the gun that pulls its own trigger… it’s the person behind that in the end pulls the trigger.

Recently President Obama has been reaching for security on handling automatic weapons. President Obama has outlined four major legislative proposals aimed to limiting the gun violence that has escalated quickly in our country today. They are; universal background checks for all gun buyers, a crackdown on gun trafficking, a ban on military-style assault weapons, and a ban on ammunition magazines holding more than 10 bullets. President Obama wants to strengthen the background checks, research on gun violence, and also proved training in “active shooter situations”.  These four steps with the help of stepping up security in this subject are what President Obama is looking to do with his gun-proposal for the better of our country in the future.

The process in buying a handgun is difficult enough as it already. One must show photographs, a birth certificate, proof of citizenship, proof of residency, any arrest information, a letter of necessity, and lastly a social security card. The security in buying a handgun or any automatic weapon is not the problem we have. The problem that we have is the people who do not use guns correctly. That is why in Texas, you have to take the gun safety course, so the one handling the gun knows what happens when it fires, the cause and effect of firing, and in all around general teaching of handling a handgun or automatic weapon. To get a handgun license is not easy. You take classes all day and also take a test at the end. It is not an easy thing to pass. Personally, stepping up the background checks is not necessary because the background checks in general are already top of the class.

I disagree with President Obama’s gun-proposal because it is not the gun that pulls its own trigger; it is the person behind that in the end pulls the trigger. As a native Texans and a hunter with my grandpa, I know what to do with handling a gun, and also what not to do with a gun. The problem we have in our country today is not the gun itself; it is the one that is in procession of the gun. What I believe we should do is teach others the importance of handling automatic weapons and handguns. I know the Sandy Hook Shooting is a major tragedy along with the murder of Chris Kyle, but in the end, it is not the weapon that causes the damage. I think banning ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 bullets is not necessary. There is just no point behind his want to ban ammunition. If he is trying to prevent murder, it will not happen because someone can easily buy more than one magazine at a time.

As the gun control debate goes on, we all need to realize that in the end, no side of the debate will get what they want. Everyone has different opinions and that is normal for a topic like this. I think it is important that we continue on forward and find ways to prevent more shootings and tragedies to occur, but it is also important that we understand that its not the objects fault, that it is the one behind the object that make the decision.

  1. govmorganw
    February 22, 2013 at 9:21 am

    I like the subject that you chose to talk about the one thing I would suggest to improve your blog post would be to read over your essay while in the preview section when editing it. You have some places where the words are splitting and causing it harder to understand.

  2. govsarahv
    February 22, 2013 at 10:59 am

    I enjoyed reading your blog! I agree with you when you are saying that it is not the guns fault because it does not pull its own trigger it is the person behind the gun. Your blog was very well organized and the paragraphs flowed nicely. The only thing I would suggest that you fix is the display of the paragraphs on the blog. For example, the second to last paragraph the spacing of the words are unaligned and you might want to fix that! On one line, you end it with a k when you have room to finish the whole word. Overall, good job!

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