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Gun Control in Relation the Mental Illnesses

One thing that must be considered in the discussion of the gun control debate is the presence of mental instability in those who may be purchasing guns. Before the government can take action on the gun control case, the improvement of mental health care treatment must first be improved. Although it is not fair to say that anyone with a mental health disorder is restricted from purchasing a gun, certain types of mental illnesses that may hinder decision making must be taken into account. Guns are incredibly deadly, especially in the hands of someone who is mentally unstable. Image

Guns should not be taken away entirely, because they are a crucial self defense weapon and imperative for the military. The Constitution also allows us “the right to bear arms,” and that right cannot be taken away from us. However, the government must acknowledge that a person with a mental disease such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can be very unstable, especially if they are coming from the military. The example of the death of Chris Kyle exemplifies this instability. Another example would be the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy. The shooter, officials said, was likely to be suffering from a personality disorder after being bullied by his peers for so long. Bullying, a common occurrence, opens the door to developing mental disorders that can cause such a tragedy. Image

Guns allow individuals to fight opponents that would typically be much stronger than them. The guns are not the problem, however, it is the people who are being allowed to buy guns. Background checks and mental health checks should be instituted without question. It should be obvious that a man with schizophrenia should probably not have the possession of a gun, being that his reality could be distorted.

Although people suffering from such diseases still fall under the second amendment of the Constitution and deserve their rights, it is for the common good and safety of the people to restrict the use of guns from people who fall under certain categories. Therefore, it seems reasonable solutions would be not to rid of guns entirely, but to screen those who purchase guns thoroughly, and to make an effort to improve the treatment of those suffering from mental illnesses.

  1. mariai14
    February 26, 2013 at 8:07 am

    You had really good points about having people get background checks. The Chris Kyle example was a good one to help support background checks.

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