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Gun Control- All Actions Have Consequences

ObamaAny time someone hears the words “Gun Control”, all that comes to mind is whether it is good or bad. There are too many people that are willing to simply ban guns without realizing the consequences of taking such swift action. First of all, it is a constitutional right to own a gun, and that will not change. Some may say that it is only one amendment, and it is not a big deal if we trash it. If we allow our government to break a chunk off of the document that defines us as a country, where will they draw the line? The government could then suggest the same thing about our right to free speech, and slowly tear apart our rights one by one. This may be a fairly extreme scenario, but to make the best decision we must observe all causes and effects.

There are many people who take pride in owning a gun, and they aren’t all uneducated hicks. The people who use their weapon properly should not be blamed, and neither should their gun. A common slogan of pro gun owners is “If guns kill people, then mine must be defective”. There is no reason to point a finger towards the guns themselves, because it is the person wielding the gun that should be held accountable.gun face

On a similar topic, even if certain powerful guns are banned, how are we supposed to react when a criminal does get a hold of said weapon? Making something illegal doesn’t remove the possibility of a criminal ignoring the law and using it anyway. When evil people realize that they have the better weaponry, their chances of getting what they want would greatly increase. When we remove the scenario where we, as innocent law abiding citizens, could fight back, bad people will feel more confident that they will succeed. It would turn an act of random violence into a terrorist situation. The New York Times states  that if more people own guns, criminals would have to be more skilled. On the other hand, if less people own guns, then anyone could become a criminal. One wouldn’t need a special skill set to commit an armed crime.

The world is forever advancing, specifically in technology. Ever since the firearm has been introduced, it has been and will forever be a part of human life, at least until something more advanced is invented. While the idea of “Gun control” is well and good, no amount of political power can remove the guns from existence. The United States government cannot go around passing laws just to make people feel better. A government needs to lead, not simply people-please. If our government is going to make rash decisions like this, then I would hope that we can at least determine the lengths we go to that will ensure our personal protection, such as possessing a firearm.

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