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Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has become one of our nation’s biggest and most controversial issues today. Obama’s immigration reform has been almost the same since 2007 comprised of three main parts, “enforcement, legal immigration, and the status of illegal immigration.” Illegal immigrants come to the U.S. simply for freedom and opportunities. Not all countries are fair like the U.S. as many countries keep their citizens poor in order to control them. They have also realized that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside”(Amendment 14, Section 1).

Several years ago, there were three groups that became seriously involved in the debate on immigration: the people who became angry at the fact that the U.S. had not come in control of their borders, business groups that were bitter at lacking immigration system that did not satisfy labor markets, as well as humanitarian groups who fought on the side of illegal workers affording them a legal status and a way to citizenship.

I find it humorous how each group chooses to pursue their own agenda. What they don’t get is the more these groups take sides, the further and further they get to coming up with a balanced reform that satisfies all three parties. A balanced reform will come through working together and trying to appeal to as many people’s needs and wants as they can. No one group will get everything they ask for and they need to realize that what’s done is done. What we now need to focus on is the future and do whatever we can to help it. America is an awfully large country where there are approximately 256 policemen for every 100,000 people, finding and hunting down an illegal would simply take too much time, and frankly, it’s not worth it. That is why enforcement and security are two of my biggest concerns, because like I said earlier, what’s done is done, and we need to focus on bumping up security and start bringing down the hammer on what is to come. If that means doubling or even tripling the number of border patrol officers on duty, then thats what we will have to do. Oh, you think it’s unnecessary government spending to pay all these extra border patrolmen? The federal government alone made at least $72 billion in improper payments in 2008. At least a fourth of that could have gone to the $9.8 billion that was allotted in 2008. According to the article, “substantial security investments since 2006 have led to a steady decline in illegal border crossings.”

Honestly, I think its ridiculous how we can get to the moon, but can’t keep mexicans and other foreigners from invading our lands. Like the author stated, I believe the key to a successful immigration plan is for the President to be 100% committed. Without a committed President, there is no committed plan, and with no committed plan, more and more immigrants choose to flock to the United States to take our jobs and money. Commitment is a huge part in the process of a successful immigration agenda and in the end will be the deciding factor whether the plan strives or fails. George W. Bush is a prime example of a President that was committed to his immigration plan, sticking with it until the end of his eighth term. In 2006, Bush gave the first ever primetime presidential address on immigration and then proposed a five-part plan to reform the immigration system. A plan that is much clearer and much more agreeable than Obama’s.

The article talks about Obama saying “has more time and a greater ability to get things done. But, as he appeared to recognize in the State of the Union, this will require him to promote the core objectives of each major interest group, going beyond campaign-style events aimed at his base.” Like I said earlier, in order to reach a final agreement, Obama must appeal to every group. I’m not saying that he must incorporate every part of every group’s plan in his reform, but to incorporate pieces of each to where the three groups can agree and create that balanced reform that our country and its government has strived to reach.

This particular topic relates back to our class of Government in the way that Obama plays as Chief of State. The role of the Chief of State is significant in the fact that Obama is considered the representative for the people, in which he leads the country in the way the people want it to go. He also acts as the leader of our country and makes the decisions necessary for our nation to strive. For that, he is making a balanced reform that satisfies all groups of people. It’s simple. Commitment, security, and enforcement are, in my opinion, the three keys to a successful immigration reform.


  1. govjustinm
    February 22, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    Well done, very nice job on elaboration and providing factual evidence to support your argument. I must say that although you were very thorough, there was a bit of repetition. there were many instances where you said an excellent point that was mentioned later in the article. Some instances were necessary but there are many cases where it is not. Other than that, well done!

    P.S. at the end of your 6th paragraph, you ended in a preposition. Might want to change that

  2. govcolej
    February 25, 2013 at 8:58 am

    Great job, Davis. Your work is thorough and clear. However, at times, it consisted of a sort of redundancy that made me lose focus. Also, you could start your first sentence with your thesis to grap the audience’s attention. Insert “in order to reach a final agreement, Obama must appeal to every group” at the beginning so I can understand what you are arguing. Overall, awesome job and great research!

  3. goveher
    February 25, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    Very good Mr. Devereaux. Your reflection was very clear and easy to follow and comprehend. You gave many facts and evidence to back up your argument . Also good job on relating your topic back to our government class. Also I believe if you can find a chart to show all the numbers that you have provided the reader it will make it easier for the reading to see how the results and statistics look like.

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