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Should Women be Allowed in Combat Roles in the Military?

Women in combat may not be as big of a deal as some people think.

On Wednesday, January 24th, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, lifted the ban that said that women could not serve in certain combat positions in the military. This decision will open up thousands of more jobs for women. In 1994, the Pentagon made a rule that said that women cannot serve in artillery, armor, or infantry positions. This was over turned on Wednesday.

I am personally very much in favor of women having the same opportunities in life as men. I think it’s wonderful that women are now able to serve in combat positions and it’s a great step in the direction of gender equality. However, it is concerning that women might not be held to the same standards to qualify for certain military positions.

If the standards are different in qualifications like how fast the person can run, whichever gender does not have to run as fast may potentially be putting themselves in real danger when in serious situations. For instance, if a team made up of males and females planted a bomb in a building and then needed to run away, the gender that ran at a slower pace could have a serious problem if they don’t keep up.

Also, there is always the concern that women, if captured, will be tortured and raped. This may make them more vulnerable to divulge secret information. If the woman is captured in a group, the men might feel the need to give away information in order to protect the woman from harm. There are more dangers for women if they are placed in combat roles. However, the people signing up for these combat roles should be made aware of these possible risks beforehand. If it doesn’t deter them, then they should be allowed to serve their country.

There is also the issue of the draft and whether or not women should be required to sign up for it. I believe that it is only fair that if women get the same opportunity to serve, they are required to take the same responsibility to serve. People always say that with privileges comes responsibility. If women get the privilege of serving, they should also have the responsibility to serve should the time come when we need to use the draft again.

This issue relates back to the idea that “all men are created equal,” which is layed out in the Constitution. The idea has changed over the years and it now interpreted as all people are created equal which means that they should all have the same opportunities. However, it also implies that all people should be held to the same standards. If all people are created equal, gender should be of no consequence when considering the standards someone should be held to.

While I believe that Panetta is right to allow women into combat roles, he needs to be very careful in how he goes about this. He should carefully consider the issue from all possible angles before making a final decisions.

  1. mereditht13
    February 21, 2013 at 9:11 am

    Great article. I think you should rethink your sentence structure in a few places. Overall great points, and opinions.

  2. govbryceh
    February 21, 2013 at 9:24 am

    Great article Meagan; I suggest that you embed a few links into your post. Also, you might include one more picture towards the end to break up the text.

  3. govmichaelr
    February 21, 2013 at 9:24 am

    It is a nice perspective that you have, and it is good that you are expressing your ideals in this blog post. This subject is very touchy, and I believe you wrote in a way that avoids this. My only suggestion is to maybe look at more sources. Amazing Job!

  4. govconnorh
    February 21, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    I noticed that you did a great job in remaining impartial. You developed the pros and cons of the situation well, as well as your argument. Good topic. It would be interesting to see an article about the topic too.

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