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Obama Approval Ratings Soar

President Barack Obama’s approval rating has just reached a record-setting high when compared with the past three years of his presidency. A Bloomberg poll, conducted nationally, released Wednesday shows that nearly 55% of responders approved Obama’s performance in office (Bloomberg). Since Osama Bin Laden’s death, his approval statistics have been continually rising (Huffington Post). Looking at these facts alone, it would seem that the President is doing an exceptional job as Manager of Prosperity and even Voice of the People. However, these numbers don’t tell the whole story regarding the general sentiment of the American people.

Source: The Stapletonion

First, the Bloomberg poll also reveals that the same percentage, 55%, disapprove of how Obama has handled the federal budget deficit. Without significant changes, this could quickly disintegrate Obama’s perceived success. In order for the President to reverse this majority opinion, federal spending needs to be cut. It is not enough to only raise taxes – the government has a spending problem. If government programs across the board were to cut their budgets by even a small fraction, the multi-trillion dollar deficit we are currently entrenched in would certainly not continue to get to an absurdly out of control amount. If anything, this small reduction in spending will only help our country’s current situation. The fiscal cliff still looms threateningly in the future, and cutting government spending is the only way to ensure that our country’s economy is back on the right track toward a healthy state.

Source: ICIC

Next, the poll states that a mere 49% of Americans approve of how Obama has handled the economy since he was first elected into office. Although ‘handling the economy’ involves many different areas and aspects to consider, focusing on a few major points will portray the overall picture. First, it would be beneficial for Obama to express clearly how he plans to handle a looming recession that could potentially happen due to a fiscal cliff. Deadlines have repeatedly been ignored when it comes to making a final clear-cut compromise regarding this issue.  Postponing the formulation of a concrete plan is only making Americans grow more and more weary. Yes, some tax reformations have been addressed, but another large part of the problem – government spending, has not even been remotely touched on. If Obama wants better ratings and satisfaction from the American people, he must give a direct answer to this problem. Second, Obama may want to spend some additional time considering his recent proposition to increase minimum wage. This sounds good in theory, but more money per person means less total jobs. Unemployment rates have been steadily improving recently, and reversing this trend would not be of great advantage to the president. He could theoretically still raise minimum wage incrementally, but a drastic increase will not be supported by today’s economy.  With these and a few other improvements, Obama’s approval within American society will continue to raise even more than it already has.

In conclusion, Obama has the potential to rally the spirits of the American people to improve the economic state of our economy if he makes careful, rational decisions.  Obama needs to take responsibility of giving the American people the clear answers that they deserve. If he does this, the people of our nation will all be on the same page when it comes to working together as one united whole to enhance the situation that the United States is in.

  1. govjamieq
    February 21, 2013 at 9:15 am

    I think your ideas are presented in a very organized manner, and I think your pictures relate very well. However, you should probably connect the part about minimum wage back to the class because I understand where you’re coming from, but an outside audience might need a more clear explanation.

  2. govchandlern
    February 21, 2013 at 9:17 am

    I really like your pictures and supporting information. You might want to further explain how the minimum wage connects back to our class. It would definitely help your readers outside of this class to understand what you are trying to make connections to. Great job!!

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