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Women in Combat: What gives them the right?


The recent decision to initiate the end of restrictions and limitations of female duties in the military has sparked controversy and conversation over the difference between men and women and what makes women have the same eligibility to perform the same duties men can. The Pentagon recently announced that they have lifted, “a 1994 Defense Department ruling that restricted service opportunities for women in the military, particularly “physically demanding tasks that would exclude the vast majority of women.” (Waltonian) The idea that women are less capable of performing the same tasks as men comes from this speculation that females are less physically and mentally capable then men. Researchers have indicated that women are reportedly more susceptible to pain than men, which may be the cause of such controversy over what women are capable of doing physically. Men’s Fitness says, “The differences found between men and women may result from a variety of causes, such as hormones, psychological factors, genetics, or even the simple fact that men feel more cultural pressure to report less pain.” (Men’s Fitness). Studies like these may prove a point that women are different than men but I believe it does not give the government a right to ban all women from performing military duties. If a woman enlists into the military for a specific duty, and they perform up the same standard as men do, then shouldn’t that woman be eligible for the job? I believe it should be up to the person, female or male, to decide whether they are willing and capable to execute certain military obligations. Isn’t this one of the values this country was founded on? The freedom to choose your path and future applies to all citizens of the United States. My studies of the Constitution in my government class have taught me that the dilemma with women in the military should not be debated over.

 Based on the freedom this country provides and emphasizes, women should, without a doubt, be able to enlist and apply for any military function. Although the Constitution does give Congress the right to “make Rules for the Government and Regulation

of the land and naval Forces” (Article 1 Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution) the decision to ban women from performing certain combat duties does not support the ideals this country embraces. To me this discrimination against women is not different then discrimination against a certain religion or race. This issue has given me a better understanding of the national thought on

what policies regarding different sexes should be. I believe that all people should have the chance to pursue their desires and not be restricted in any way. This event has given me a more vivid perspective on what we have studied in class. The answer to the question of whether women should be allowed to enlist for certain jobs in the military is given better thought and comprehension by me after my studies in government class of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Congress’ decision in 1994 to ban all women from certain military duties is not supported by anything other than studies indicating the differences between men and women. Ellen Lainez, the DOD Spokeswoman says that the reason for these restrictions is that “there are practical barriers”. (News.Discovery)


Women Vs. Men

These ‘practical barriers’ defy the rights given to men (and women) by God! This so-called “glass ceiling” preventing women to excel in military duties is without a doubt labeling our country hypocritical in a sense that we hinder the potential of women to excel and make great accomplishments for themselves and their country. My opinion is that lifting this ban is the ethical and right thing to do based on the freedom to pursue certain paths that our country emphasizes and endorses.

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