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How to Approach Gun Violence

Ever since the “Dark Knight” shooting on July 20, 2012, the nation has been in a frenzy over gun control.  Since then, there have been multiple infamous events including the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  Gun control has been a popular debate topic for quite some time now, but why?  Shootings are not a new issue, so why are they so important now?  To start off, the media, our main source of knowledge as 21st century citizens, is blurred with filter bubbles.  Filter bubbles are essentially the systems in media sites, like Google, that automatically do an advanced search to help find the most relevant information one is looking for by tracking one’s history.  Although intended to be helpful, filter bubbles might provide only one side of information to a researcher and not allow them to get a full perspective.  It is common knowledge that the media tends to be liberal; with that in mind, the information a citizen sees tends to be filtered for the liberal agenda.  This extends to say that when President Obama, our Democratic president, makes an announcement there tends to be less counter argument due to these filter bubbles.  Every person is biased, making filter bubbles inevitable, but it is the responsibility of a citizen to pop these bubbles and get down to the basic information and facts on a topic.  Back the the original question, why is there such an issue with gun control now?  This question is hard to answer, and so far hasn’t been answered because gun violence is not a new issue.  It is obvious to say that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting added fuel to the debate.  Using this event as an example, a responsible citizen must look at how they approach an issue before developing an opinion on a topic, much like how they should with the Presidential Election.

Banning guns will not solve anything

There are surplus amounts of stories on gun violence on the news, and it is important to step back and look at the facts.  First, the increase in gun violence stories has increased rapidly partly because of filter bubbles.  Look at these stories but remember to take away the bias emotion associated with them.  This is not a new idea either: in Federalist #78, Alexander Hamilton approaches the idea of letting go of one’s emotions and just focusing on the facts with his argument about the “ill humors” of the people.  Second, remember the Constitutional rights.  The second Amendment of the United States’ Constitution gives citizens “the right… to keep and bear Arms.”  The radical solution to get rid of guns is unconstitutional, and not logical.  Remember where and why amendments were made: what is the history behind this amendment?

CNN does a good job of keeping up with the gun control debate.  In the article and video, Biden: Obama exploring executive orders to combat gun violence, Josh Levs goes through not only the main issue about violence, but also introduces ideas about the effects a change will have on gun sales. When approaching this article, it is important to notice the biased viewpoints.  The article consists of quotes by Vice President Joe Biden.  His perspective is that change will “affect the well-being of millions of Americans, and take thousands of people out of harm’s way.”  This is only one opinion.  The article breaks down filter bubbles by bringing in the National Rifle Association, who “has argued that it is committed to keeping people protected, but that a focus on stricter gun control is misguided.”  The evidence of no filter bubbles is prevalent again when CNN gives information past Biden’s quotes. The fact that “Wal-Mart initially said scheduling conflicts would prevent its “experts” on gun control from attending” but later “announced it will send representatives to the Thursday meeting” provides key information on changes, even on the economic level.  Showing that Wal-Mart is getting involved provides information to a voting citizen that gun control does not only affect the safety of people.

There are many aspects of gun control, and an accountable citizen should learn all facets of an issue before developing an opinion, even if that means suppressing passionate emotions.  The CNN article above serves to show what an article without filter bubbles looks like; multiple perspectives, and an overall look at the situation. There are a lot of emotions wrapped up in gun control, and it is illogical to make a decision on an emotional whim.

  1. February 21, 2013 at 11:18 am

    This is quite an interesting view on this situation. Second paragraph sentence 4 the word “kist”?. Also a brief explanation on the people who are ill-minded committing these horrific acts would be helpful to filter through the liberal bubble.

  2. govbryceh
    February 21, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    Good post! Like Brian i noticed the same typo. You may want to explain what “filter bubbles” are in the first paragraph; the average American may not know what that means.

  3. goverikai
    February 21, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    Great post! I thought you did an excellent job of explaining both views on the subject. You seemed fair and impartial when it came to encouraging your readers to form their own opinion on the issue. I agree with you regarding the hinderance that filter bubbles have created for the American people, and the only thing I would suggest revising is maybe adding a few proposed solutions at the end of your article that make rational sense without people relying on heated emotion, like you talked about in your last sentence. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this post; great job!

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