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Gun Control— A War Without a War

When you search the phrase “gun control” on any search engine, responses leaning way to the left are going to pop up. Funny thing is, responses leaning way to the right are going to pop up right with them. Even worse, each response, despite which party it belongs to, is going to be attacking the other parties’ response!

Now as “one nation under God, indivisible,” that doesn’t sound too good. We have this piercing issue causing social media “wars” and dividing our nation into two very opinionated halves. The problem is, we have two halves that won’t budge their hold to meet in the middle. It’s one huge game of tug-o-war.

The flag in the middle of this game is the good ol’ second Amendment. Some say restrict, some say let it be. The problem is that we have citizens fighting selfishly to get what their side wants rather than opening their ears to a compromise. We as a nation aren’t working together to meet somewhere sensible that puts an end to the tragedies without hindering the purpose of our Bill of Rights.

U.S. President Obama delivers remarks at the White House in Washington

President Obama proposed “criminal background checks for all gun sales; reinstating the assault weapons ban; restoring a 10-round limit on ammunition magazines; eliminating armor-piercing bullets; providing mental health services in schools; allocating funds to hire more police officers; and instituting a federal gun trafficking statute” (Huffington Post). The details of statistics and magazine capacities could be analyzed and broken down and a never ending argument could be started with myself, but if we break a little here, we can funnel this back to the Modern Presidential Roles. If his proposal is analyzed, the role in which he played is leaning towards the Chief of Party. Here, we have a big, bold, and BLUE statement. The president is acknowledging his duty to be the leader of his party here, as his proposal is unarguably liberal.

Naturally, the republicans were against his decision. That’s how this system works. Wanting the second Amendment to remain unchanged, banning assault rifle-type weapons would violate their main wish. The RED side, of course, wants the violence to end, but are highly against their rights being infringed upon. Assembly Republican leader Jon Bramnick commented on New Jersey gun control legislation saying, “that Democrats in New Jersey have decided to rush through legislation that is drafted poorly and doesn’t begin to solve the problems that we’ve seen across the nation with respect to violent shootings” (Philadelphia Inquirer) .

American politics

Although the common situation is present; each party fighting for what they want, there is more behind a simple wish. The republicans are wanting the POTUS to play a different role as the leader of a nation. In reality, they wished President Obama had sided with Rossiter’s role of Voice of the People proposing a two fold bi partisan plan. If the President acts as the political leader of both parties, he “serves as the moral spokesman for all.”  There is a huge gap in terms of agreement between both parties in-between the two roles. Initially, any person looking at this just sees it as a liberal plan. But, through examination of the Presidential powers, it is clear that there is more than just a different point of view behind the decision. The study of government allows us to see more than what the press says or what social media posts. It allows for insight, so to speak, or a further understanding behind modern politics. The bias nature of our nation can be put aside for a minute and we are able to see the true intentions and meaning behind certain legislations, proposals, comments, etc.


As a gun owner and an avid hunter myself, naturally I would be in favor of the second Amendment—as this is what the public says I should be saying. As a citizen, it’s my duty to have an opinion. But, my aim is to be a young scholar-citizen. Not a “Texan,” or a “hunter,” or a “gun owner”. The constituents in a nation have to be educated and aware of their surrounding events in order to developed an opinion beneficial. Education is what is going to allow our nation to thrive.

In the end, gun control, a hot topic in our nation and media, is an important aspect regarding our safety in our nation. But, lets get mathematical here, I was able to “derive” something much more important. There’s more to current events than getting what your party wants. As a young scholar-citizen, understanding government allows you to develop opinions beneficial to the nation as a whole. I will have my opinions and I may lean left or right, but in the end, in 10 months I’ll be able to vote and as an educated government student I’ll be voting for what is best for our nation as a whole.

Ford N

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