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Gay Marriage: The Debate that Divides the Parties and the Generations

With Barack Obama’s recent second inauguration, many of the topics he mentioned have become very important topics of debate.  With the topic of gay marriage, where Obama said, “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law — for if we are truly equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well,” debates have been flaring between those who believe for and against gay marriage.  The main reason present against gay marriage is that people believe it goes against traditional Christian values, while this is a valid reason, it directly contradicts the separation between church and state.  The main reason for gay marriage is simple, people get to marry who they love and no one else’s lives changing at all.

Religious Effect on Opinions of Gay Marriage

Support for gay marriage is divided by political party, Republicans mostly against and Democrats mostly for.  Republicans see this issues as a violation of heavy religious values and standards that have no effect in the actual process of government. CNN writes that, ” opposition to freedom to marry is on the wrong side of history and damaging to the long-term, and increasingly the short-term, prospects of the GOP” (CNN).  Most Democrats see marriage as a certain unalienable right that is given to all men or women, regardless of sexual orientation.  The basis of a religious effect within government goes against the vision of the Founders who’s goal was to separate church and state, to avoid the ideals of the Church of England.  A politician taking a stand for or against gay marriage, can be seen as looking for votes from certain demographics.    The debate over whether gay marriage is such a petty and meaningless topic that politicians use it as a stance to draw attention away from flaws in  their plans that would actually have an effect on our lives, such as healthcare or gun control.  Gay people should simply be able to marry who they desire without any interference from government, whatever the motive of the interference may be.

Support from the Democrats and violent opposition from the Republicans

Many citizens who believe in the legalization of gay marriage have been staging demonstrations to show their support for the cause.  One of the largest of the demonstrations that happens is the Gay Pride Parade, which is an international demonstration that occurs on every continent in the world.  Citizens have been exercising their right to assembly and, through methods of grassroots mobilization, have made an effort to create a change for the better in our society.  Also, several citizens have demonstrated their dislike and disapproval of the legalization of gay marriage, the most notorious of these groups being the Westborough Baptist Church.  These groups exercise their same rights in order spread a negative view of gay marriage, some “hate-groups” will often hold up signs saying “Death to the gays” or “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.”  These groups hate people simply for exercising their right to love someone.

Support and opposition for gay marriage has mainly been defined as a generation gap, with younger voters supporting and older voters opposing.  A recent Gallup poll showed that 73 percent of people between 18 and 29 years old said they favored it, while only 39 percent of people older than 65 did” (NYTimes).  The older generation is trying to hold on to traditional values and are not conforming with modern times, while the younger generation sees it as simple fact that if you love someone you should be allowed to marry them.  The illegalization of gay marriage will remain a law until today’s younger generation because the leaders of government and the nation, then everyone can marry the person they love, without it being questioned.

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