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Background Checks not Confiscation

In regards to the gun control crisis in the United States, Barrack Obama has created an idea of background checks for every American who wants to buy a gun.  The thought of this is great, but the only problem is that not many politicians are supporting it. “Universal Background Checks Backed By Republican Rep. Joe Heck” is an article about the solution Obama suggested towards gun control, which Joe Heck supports.  Joe Heck is a member of the House of Representatives and is a Republican.  He announced that he is in favor for Obama’s idea on background checks.  Most Republicans and gun owners are against Obama’s plan because they think it will end up leading to gun confiscation.  Heck is disagreeing with most of his fellow Republicans by stating that already 4o percent of people who buy guns have to undergo this process.  All Heck wants is to “figure out the best way to address the problem. And to me the problem is…. making sure an individual who shouldn’t have a weapon of any type – because they have a propensity to commit a violent act – doesn’t get their hands on that weapon.”  I agree with Joe Heck because gun control is a huge concern and there are many lunatics in the United States to just ignore it.  The government has to figure out a way to regulate guns to people that are not responsible enough to own one, and please the other citizens in the United States that agree with and support their Second Amendment.  This article relates back to class because we have discussed gun control numerous times.  We have also talked about the school shooting of Sandy Hook, which is the main reason gun control has been such an issue in politics nowadays.

What I have learned from government this year is that national politics is all around us in today’s world and I did not even notice it until I started this course.  Literally almost every article in the newspaper and current events encompasses politics.  Either its directly a political problem or an issue that arises that relates back to the constitution and our rights.  I have also been educated that I am an American citizen and that I have a larger say in our government than what I thought before.  There are multiple ways to deal with problems or laws past in the United States that people do not agree with.  For example, the 5 pathways we learned about at the beginning of the year are ways to deal with problems in our government.  Lastly, I have noticed how amusing politics can actually be.  For instance, the political chart of liberal and conservative plays amusing roles in media today.  TV shows make fun of politics and politicians all the time such as on the Colbert Report.  Government class has given me a way to enjoy national politics in a way that I have never experienced before. Now every time I read an article about an issue in the country I relate it back to government class.  I have now formed opinions on subjects that occur in politics and events that take place in our country.  For example, when we did the fiscal cliff project I became better in tune with that dilemma and gave my own judgment on how the government should deal with it.   I have just shared with you my view on the article about gun control and how I agree that mandatory background checks are an effective solution to solving this calamity.

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