Gun control is a recent topic of discussion for the U.S. due to recent events occurring making people more conscious of people around them. A threat of ill-minded people with easy access to dangerous weapons like assault rifles. This has raised too many red flags to people in the U.S. and has set obama’s gun control laws in motion.

Since the massacre in newton and the Colorado theatre shooting gun control has been a big topic for Obama and his associates. This is a story I have been following during the trimester because of its correlation with our ParishGOV class. The current president of the U.S. (Barack Obama) ammo123wishes to have certain laws altered, regarding gun control, to ensure that the citizens of the U.S. are safe. The changes in gun control are not to take guns away from americans but to make it harder for people who wish to do harmful things with those guns to get them. One of the proposals that the president has is to outlaw the sale of extended clips for guns beyond 10 rounds. Barack’s reasoning behind this is that no one needs extra ammo for things that guns should be used for like hunting, target shooting, or guarding your home from intruders. Another proposal from Barack is that assault rifles be ban, previously a law that expired in 2004. The last proposal for tighter gun control by Barack is that all gun sale be heavily monitored by the salesman of the weapon. Monitoring meaning that background checks be much heavier whether it be at a public store of a private auction. None of Barack’s proposals suggest he thinks that all guns be ban, which obviously imposes on the second amendment “The right to bear arms”. This relates back to our class time discussion and class work by raising questions of “can he do that?” he being Barack Obama. During class we have talked a lot about what people in government can and can’t do by using “fun with article I” and “fun with article II” looking in the constitution and seeing what the founding fathers and past governments have decided to be just. Doing those activities during/outside class has helped me tremendously understanding what government officials are proposing and which side they stand. For instance some citizens in the U.S. think that what Barack is doing is absolutely unconstitutional and wrong. Specifically the NRA is campaigning around the U.S. trying persuade people to side with the NRA and oppose president obama’s proposals for gun control. Spending as little as $350,000 on newspaper ads local/national, internet ads, and commercial ads the NRA is campaign to the U.S. to side with them on this matter. A major aspect of this argument that citizens in the U.S. are missing is that Barack himself has shot a gun and participates in skeet shooting at the presidential retreat and has brought guest with him.

Another proposal that Obama is trying to set in motion is looking into an increase in school safety for all schools. An example is posting armed guards around the school in case of an emergency. This leads into another proposal that Barack is attempting which is looking further into mental illness and being able to spot concerning behavior in individuals that can be checked out to prevent more shootings and other harmful things those people are capable of.

These proposals are not trying to impose on amendments or take away right that the constitution provides. Barack is simply trying to create a safer environment for all U.S. citizens, including gun owners. The NRA is obviously against all of these proposals (except the advances in research of mental illness and school safety) because their association is called the National Rifle Association, but what hopefully they will realize is that these laws would simply make it harder to purchase these kinds of weapons. The only thing is the ban on assault rifles that the NRA has a problem with but that is their business and is a valid argument. In all what Barack is doing is attempting to create his version of a safer country, but everyone has their own opinions.

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  1. govleonela
    February 21, 2013 at 11:16 am

    I think Newton in the second paragraph needs to be capitalized and the sentence could be combined with the one next to it since you use the word since in the beginning and stopped with “a big topic for Obama and his associates.” Also, it may be helpful if you put the source of some of your info like: Spending as little as $350,000 on newspaper ads local/national, internet ads, and commercial ads, or Another proposal from Barack is that assault rifles be ban, previously a law that expired in 2004. I know it may seem well known but always make sure you add it anyways to avoid copyright. In general I believe you did a well job giving information to back up your point of view on gun control.

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