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Checks and Balances

In today’s society I believe that most people will find that the Government holds too much power. They have grown over the years to be more empowered that it was before. When the government actually listened to what people had to say, and they did not turn on one another for their own benefit.

ImageThe Supreme Court is one of the most influential branches of the Government. It is almost like, what they say, goes. The Supreme Court has the right to rule any act of congress as unconstitutional. To me, this is too much power for one branch of the Government to have that is not even an elected body. It is crazy to me how the Supreme Court is capable of keeping Congress and any Party from completing its manifesto. It would be an easy case to argue that the Supreme Court is preventing the U.S. constitution from developing.

Here in the class of Government and Economics, we are taught the basics of what and how things go in the U.S. Government. One thing that we touched on this year was the study of the U.S. constitution and its bicameralism. Bicameralism being “something composed of two legislative bodies”. The one thing that really stuck out to me was the discussion of Checks and Balances. The practice of one branch not holding more authority or power over any of the other branches. If one person has all the power, then it is easy for that person to abuse that power. For example, if Congress had the power to pass laws and determine if these laws were constitutional, then by definition, all laws passed by Congress would be constitutional. Similarly, each Senator is a check on the power of the other Senators, such that no one Senator can pass legislation. The House is a check on the Senate and vice versa. All of this in a nutshell, the Constitution is a check on everybody in government.


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